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Student Organizations

Involvement opportunities abound at Clarke. With student organizations for nearly all represented academic areas, as well as various special interest clubs, it’s hard not to find one to join. If you are not able to find that one perfect student organization, create it! Student-run organizations register with the office of Engagement and Intercultural Programs, which is welcoming and supportive of new organizations.

Each student organization has it’s own interactive page on The Source with additional organization information and leadership contact information. Some academic departments have outside-of-the-classroom involvement opportunities, many of which can be found on The Source as well.

Registered Organizations:

Africa and the Diaspora Student Union

The ASU strives to establish an environment where African students and those of the African heritage (Diaspora) will come together in a community where they can grow in their love the African Culture, while sharing and engaging African culture with the greater campus and local community.

Biology Club

The Biology Club is open to all students interested in any aspect of Biology. The club works to raise awareness and educate others on environmental issues and new advancements in science, in addition to exploring science in the world around us.

B.L.A.C.K. Student Union

The BSU exists to create a safe, supportive, and inclusive student community by engaging students of all races and cultural backgrounds, and providing opportunities to increase awareness of different cultures. BSU is an open student organization committed to creating affirming spaces and increased awareness of different cultures within our community. All are welcome.

Clarke Activities Board (CAB)

The Clarke Activities Board serves as the official campus-wide programming organization which selects, promotes and produces a variety of quality entertainment and involvement opportunities for the Clarke community.

Clarke Association of Nursing Students (CANS)

CANS strives to provide its members with opportunities to serve as leaders with the profession of nursing and in the community by facilitating community service projects, offering informational sessions, educating others, promoting social awareness, and providing networking opportunities at the local, state and national levels.

Clarke Association of Student Athletes (CASA)

CASA provides a voice for all student athletes by offering a platform for student athletes to discuss concerns, and facilitating effective communication between all aspects of Clarke Athletics. CASA promotes a high standard of academic excellence for student athletes, raises awareness regarding the importance of both mental and physical well-being of student athletes, and strives to build unity through appreciation of diversity among student athletes at Clarke.

Clarke Inclusive Games

Clarke Inclusive Games raises awareness and educates the community on the importance of inclusion in our everyday lives. Clarke Inclusive Games is an inclusive club that incorporates Dubuque community members who have disabilities along with Clarke students in intramural games.

Clarke Organization of Student Physical Therapists (COSPT)

COSPT works to create connections between all physical therapy class levels, increase awareness of the Clarke Physical Therapy Department and its activities, as well as raise awareness of local and national issues pertaining to physical therapy.

Clarke Student Association

Clarke Student Association is the student governing body of the university. CSA acts as the voice of the student body through interactions of leaders from all facets of the Clarke community. All full-time students enrolled at Clarke who have paid the annual activity fee are considered members of the CSA. Each class has an elected Senate board.

Clarke University Dance Marathon

Clarke University Dance Marathon is a student-run organization consisting of year-long fundraising by its participants in hopes to provide care and support for children and families being treated at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.

Future Young Professionals (FYP)

Future Young Professionals is a branch of Young Professionals of Dubuque. FYP creates connections between students and young professionals by offering opportunities in professional development, build relationships, and make a positive impact on the Clarke campus and within the community.

HIPPO Society

The HIPPO Society brings together students with a desire to pursue a professional career in the health industry. Membership consists of Clarke University undergraduate students interested in a career in health care.

Hispanic+ O(thers)

The Hispanic+ Others organization provides an opportunity for latinx and hispanic students and others to come together to showcase and celebrate culture at Clarke.

LGBTQIA+ Alliance

The LGBTQIA+ Alliance provides a supportive, safe social setting for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender persons, their friends and supporters, as well as any other interested party recognizing sexual diversity on campus. The LGBTQIA+ Alliance provides educational resources to the University and community regarding sexual diversity and acts as an ally.

Makers Pride Sew Club

Makers Pride Sew Club is an organization where we let the creativity in our heads flow through our hands. Whether you have vintage pieces you want to keep or wish to make your own personalized clothes, the MPSC allows for hands-on skills to develop and strengthen. Learn to sew, mend, and more.

Math Club

Math Club is aimed at pushing the boundaries of what is thought of as math. Members of any major and math background (including no math background) are welcome, and encouraged to get the Clarke community excited about using their creative minds to connect everything to math including caroling, pie throwing, pizza, and many other activities.

Military and Veterans Organization

The MVO offers opportunities for veterans who are students, staff, or faculty to meet each other, support each other, and assist each other given their shared experiences in military service.

Psychology Club

The Psychology Club strives to educate the campus community on current issues in the field of psychology, and build connections among students interested in psychology.

Queen In You

Queen In You exists to create a safe, supportive, and inclusive community for all members, with a special focus on women of color.


Speak! provides support, awareness and educational resources regarding mental health. We talk about strategies to manage mental health, ways to end the stigma, and provide resources to education about mental health.

Sport Management Club

The Sport Management Club strives to enhance the professional development of future sport managers or any major by fostering relationships between students and the sport industry, and educating members about the career.

Teachers for Tomorrow

Teachers for Tomorrow is open to all education majors, and strives to provide experiences and connections to education majors that will help members become better educators.