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Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry website

Grow in your Faith

The office of campus ministry in the Health and Wellness Center in the ground floor hallway under Mary Josita Hall is a component of the mind, body, spirit wellness that Clarke believes in. It supports a student’s spiritual wellness through its mission:

Mission Statement: The office of campus ministry exists to walk with people in their faith journeys, wherever that is and whatever that looks like to them, as they mature in understanding, grow in practice, and begin to walk with others in their journeys.

Campus ministry at Clarke is rooted in the university’s Catholic identity and its BVM core values, while also being welcoming, supportive, and open to walking with people of all faith and spiritual beliefs. It fosters the spiritual life of each member of the community by building and empowering the community of faith through its ministry of presence and programming.

Presence & Programming

Campus Ministry provides a ministry of presence through its staff and student leaders who build relationships with the students, staff, and faculty. The ministry is also present through its physical spaces on campus: the Foley Lounge under Mary Josita Hall, the Sacred Heart Chapel next to the atrium, and a prayer/mediation room next to the lounge open 24/7.

Everyone is welcome to attend any campus ministry event. We encourage and support students to create any new programs they may need. Below are 3 programs we want to highlight:

Small Groups: Student-led faith-sharing small groups meet on campus weekly for an hour to delve deeper into their faith lives and walk with each other on those journeys.

Retreats: Our retreats vary in length, but they all encourage growth in one’s spiritual life. The student-led Antioch weekend retreat is a great chance to hear faith stories from peers and openly discuss your faith successes and challenges.

Service Trips: Campus Ministry hosts service trips in the Fall (3-day) and in the Spring (5-7 day) and Winter (7-10 day) each year to various locations across the country. These trips allow students to experience life in some else’s shoes and provide service where it is most needed. Past trips have been to Cincinnati, Memphis, Milwaukee, Chicago, New Orleans, and Quito, Ecuador.

Giving, Gratitude and the Common Good

At Your Service