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Health Insurance Information & Resources

Clarke University students are required to have health insurance. Some students may be covered under the health insurance plans of their parents or spouse. It is essential to check with the health insurance company to determine eligibility. A student living away from home needs to be sure that they can be covered by out-of-network providers in Dubuque. Students must have health insurance coverage before beginning classes and/or practices, in the case of a student athlete.

Students who are not covered under a parent or spouse for health insurance should purchase a health insurance plan for themselves. Currently, Clarke University does not endorse a specific student insurance plan. There are many resources that offer student and/or individual health insurance plans. Below please find information to help you in your search.

Student Health Insurance Resources

Independent Health Insurance Providers

Ludovissy & Associates Insurance
Jon Ludovissy

Goodman Insurance
Bart Brown

O’Connor & English Insurance
Tammy Klein

Iowa Health Insurance Marketplace

Call Center 1-800-318-2596

Who can enroll?

  • Adults aged 19-64
  • Personal income that doesn’t exceed 133% of the Federal Poverty Level ($15,282 for family of 1 person)
  • Resident of Iowa (local or Clarke University address) and be a U. S. citizen
  • Not be otherwise eligible for Medicaid or Medicare
  • Cannot be claimed as a dependent on parent(s) tax form.
  • Cannot be currently enrolled in another health plan.
  • Flexible enrollment dates with change in current health care coverage

Health Insurance for International Students

This policy is mandatory for international students attending Clarke University and will be charged to your student account every semester.
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