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NICC Today, CU Tomorrow

Pathways to Clarke from NICC

Clarke University (Clarke) and Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) have secured a partnership that provides students with a streamlined pathway to a four-year degree while saving money and helping build the local workforce. At Clarke, NICC students can earn a Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BS), Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), or Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) from Clarke University.

Our dedicated transfer staff is ready to assist NICC students with an individualized transfer plan. Complete a request for information to ask specific questions or request additional details.

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Full Credit for Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS) degrees

NICC students will be awarded full credit for their AA or AS degree. Clarke will award 64 credits and waive all but three Compass (general education) credits. For many majors, Clarke is able to assist with advanced course planning to allow students to graduate in two years. For a listing of preset 2+2 transfer guides, click here. This is a path taken by students who perhaps need a bit more financial assistance or to strengthen their academic standing.

Transfer Majors with Articulation Agreements

Clarke has articulation agreements with NICC for the associate’s degree transfer majors listed below. These articulation agreements include a fully laid out 2+2 pathway for a seamless transfer of credits. Students completing a transfer major at NICC can work directly with their NICC advisor to ensure the requirements are met for a two-year completion at Clarke.

Dual Enrollment & Joint Admission

NICC students are eligible to take courses at Clarke University as a part of their degree-seeking status through Dual Enrollment. NICC students are able to take up to four (4) credits per term, billed by NICC at NICC tuition rates, and as a part of their NICC course load; which must be least part-time.

NICC students who plan to attend Clarke are able to apply for Joint Admission. Students in the joint admission pathway are advised by their NICC advisor and a Clarke advisor to ensure a seamless transfer and to keep them on track for their graduation timeline. Students in the Joint Admission pathway will take 3-4 credits per semester at Clarke through Dual Enrollment and they are allowed to live on Clarke’s campus while attending NICC.

Students will be responsible for any additional expenses associated with books, course fees, room, and board (fees payable to Clarke University). Some Clarke University courses may not be available based upon capacity, pre-requisite requirements, and availability of offerings.

Join a Clarke Music Ensemble while studying at NICC

NICC students are able to take advantage of Clarke’s rich history of music education and ensembles.  NICC students can audition for music ensembles and engage in music lessons through Clarke. Click here for a full listing of music ensemble options. (Students do not need to be a part of joint admission or Bridge to participate. There are credit and non-credit barring options.)

Enjoy On Campus Life at Clarke!

NICC students taking either the joint admission or Bridge to Success pathway are able to live on campus and join the Clarke community by getting a student ID, enjoying Clarke activities, athletic events, student services, and facilities.

Reverse Transfer

NICC transfer students with an interest in starting at Clarke as full-time students prior to completing their associate’s degree will be allowed to apply future credits earned at the university toward the completion of their associate degree, diploma or certificate within one year of starting at Clarke.

  1. Students must indicate the desire to complete a reverse transfer during the application process to Clarke University.
  2. Students will complete a reverse transfer form allowing their Clarke transcript to be sent back to NICC. NICC will then evaluate this coursework to determine if degree, diploma, or certificate requirements are met.
  3. NICC makes the decision on whether a degree or other credential will be granted. Any credential will be awarded in the semester/year all final requirements are met.