Student Organizations

All student clubs and organizations register with the Engagement and Intercultural Programs Office each semester.  

With an organization for nearly all academic areas represented at Clarke as well as various special interests, it's hard not to find a club to join. If you're not able to find that one perfect club, create it!  Engagement and Intercultural Programs is always welcoming and supportive of new organizations.

Student organization resources and form

Chartered Organizations and Contacts:

ALIVE  (Assist-Love-Inspire-Venerate-Encourage)
P: Bree Moore
VP: Rachel Ehlers
S/T: Bernadette Brehm
A: Anastasia Nicklaus  

The mission of ALIVE is to build a strong and faith-filled community. This community is one that is accepting of all persons, wherever they are on their spiritual journey. ALIVE plans to provide opportunities to grow in faith through fellowship as well as prayer and faith discussion opportunities. ALIVE will provide support to those seeking understanding in their spiritual journey and/or a personal relationship with Christ.

P: Dan Tatara
VP: Dillon Waschenbach
S: Megan Fuhrman
T: Anson Lindsey
Jamie Specht

Benchwarmers host a number of home athletic events throughout the year and ask that all participants follow NAIA Champions of Character guidelines while cheering for the Crusaders!

Biology Club
P: Theresa Koos
VP: Josh Sylvester
S: Brenna Burgart
T: Kyle Collins
A: Melissa DeMotta  

The Biology Club is open to all students interested in any aspect of Biology. The club works to raise awareness and educate others on environmental issues and new advancements in science, in addition to exploring science in the world around us.

Black Student Union
P: Nick Anderson
VP: Madison Rhymes
S/T: Anai Williams
A: Emma Mentley

The BSU exists to create a safe, supportive and inclusive student community. BSU engages students of all races and cultural backgrounds, providing opportunities to increase awareness of different cultures. BSU seeks to identify relevant issues and initiate appropriate action in order to reduce or eliminate any impediments believed to be adverse to students and their continued well-being and matriculation.

Clarke Activities Board (CAB)
P: Katie Scarlett
VP: Zack Molid
S: Kyle Collins
A: Callie Clark

The Clarke Activities Board serves as the official campus-wide programming organization which selects, promotes and produces a variety of quality entertainment and involvement opportunities for the Clarke community.

Clarke Alliance
P: Sarah Kitch
VP: Jayde Sleeth
S: Josh Sylvester
T: Jayde Sleeth
A: Doug Haltinner  

The Clarke Alliance provides a supportive, safe social setting for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered persons, their friends and supporters, as well as any other interested party recognizing sexual diversity on campus. The Clarke Alliance provides educational resources to the University and community regarding issues of sexual diversity and acts as an ally.

Clarke Association of Nursing Students (CANS)
P: Katie Jacobson
VP: Emily Merritt
S: Brooke Becwar
T: Taylor Ruter
A: Keith Tackett / Patty Veneziano  

CANS strives to provide its members with opportunities to serve as leaders with the profession of nursing and in the community by facilitating community service projects, offering informational sessions, educating others, promoting social awareness, and providing networking opportunities at the local, state and national levels.

Clarke Athletic Training Society (CATS)
P: Dylan Moen
VP: Allyson Noethe
S: Taylor Mericle
T: Sara Doerr
A: Dee Higgins  

Affiliated with Clarke's Athletic Training Department and Medical Associates Sports Medicine of Dubuque, members promote and encourage participation in athletic health care through community involvement. CATS helps spread awareness of the profession of athletic training, and develops professional skills among students in the field.

Clarke Culinary Club
P: Reid Johannsen
VP: Hailey Rust
S: Mary Zanger
T: Nicole Thing
A: Miles Breed / Steve Neese  

The Clarke Culinary Club educates on the techniques and correct ways of cooking in an effort to aid students in being able to supply healthy home cooked meals for themselves and their families.

Clarke Organization of Student Physical Therapists (COSPT) 
P: Shannon Gallagher / Britt Gosse
VP: Rachel Oldenburg
S: Jodi Howard
T: Sarah Manternach
A: Bill O'Dell  

CATS works to create connections between all physical therapy class levels, increase awareness of the Clarke Physical Therapy Department and its activities, as well as raise awareness of local and national issues pertaining to physical therapy.

Clarke Student Association
P: Mary Zanger
VP: Reid Johannsen
S: Ally Noethe
T: Jake Kuklinski
A: Callie Clark

Clarke Student Association is the student governing body of the university. CSA acts as the voice of the student body through interactions of leaders from all facets of the Clarke community. All full-time students enrolled at Clarke who have paid the annual activity fee are considered members of the CSA. Each class has an elected Senate board.

Clarke University Spanish Club
P: K'Lynn Lawver
VP: Danni Garcia
S: Mercedes Munoz
T: Nicole Nauman
A: Donald Wood

CLEAN (Clarke Leading Environmental Action Now)
P: Paige Tomson
VP: Samantha Hilby
S/T: Hannah Goldsmith
A: Danielle Stowell

CLEAN strives to promote sustainable efforts on the Clarke campus, throughout the city of Dubuque, and the world. CLEAN educates students on ways to incorporate environmental efforts into their personal lives in an effort to become more environmentally friendly. 

Crusaders for Life and Justice
P: Theresa Koos
VP: CaSondra Serres
S/T: Bernadette Brehm
A: Anastasia Nicklaus

As believers in the sanctity of human life at all ages and stages, the purpose of Crusaders for Life and Justice is to educate, learn and promote a consistent ethic of life to the Clarke community. This message of a consistent ethic of life is rooted in the Christian belief that all human life has dignity because each person is created in the image and likeness of God.

Freshmen CSA Senate
P: Laura Naber
VP: Alli Reeder
S: Paige Flugge
T: Katie Marter

The Freshmen CSA Senate is made up of the elected students from the first-year class, and is the voice of the constituents in the first-year class.

Future Young Professionals (FYP)
P: Brittani Olinger
VP: Allison Smith
S: Ashley Boleyn
T: Aaron Turner
A: B'Ann Dittmar / Teri Zuccaro  

Future Young Professionals is a branch of Young Professionals of Dubuque. FYP creates connections between students and young professionals by offering opportunities in professional development, build relationships, and make a positive impact on the Clarke campus and within the community.

HIPPO Society
P: Riley Taubert
VP: Stephanie Ihde
S: Katie Michel
T: Katie Scarlett
A: Laura Hecker

The HIPPO Society brings together students with a desire to pursue a professional career in the health industry. Membership consists of Clarke University undergraduate students interested in a career in health care.

Junior CSA Senate
P: Shanna Forbes
VP: John Sturtz
S: Alex Kurauskas
T: Paige Tomson

The Junior CSA Senate is made up of the elected students from the junior class, and is the voice of the constituents in the junior class.

Math Club
P: John Sturtz
VP: Stephanie Aasen
S: Heather Lott
T: Kelsey Kilburg
A: Amanda Matson 

Math Club is aimed at pushing the boundaries of what is thought of as math. Members of any major and math background (including no math background) are welcome, and encouraged to get the Clarke community excited about using their creative minds to connect everything to math including caroling, pie throwing, pizza, and many other activities.

Psychology Club
P: Kyle Collins
VP: Corrin Larkin
S: Kaity Anderson
T: Alex Kurauskas
A: Kristin Wesner  

The Psychology Club strives to educate the campus community on current issues in the field of psychology, and build connections among students interested in psychology.

Senior CSA Senate
P: Riley Taubert
VP: Adam O'Dell
S: Katie Scarlett
T: Anna Hahn 

The Senior CSA Senate is made up of the elected students from the senior class, and is the voice of the constituents in the senior class.

Sophomore CSA Senate
P: Natascha Myers
VP: Jovany Zuniga
S: Amanda Meyers
T: Amber Langel

The Sophomore CSA Senate is made up of the elected students from the sophomore class, and is the voice of the constituents in the sophomore class.

P: Robby Specht
VP: Audrey List
S/T: Hannah Goldsmith
A: Callie Clark / Anastasia Nicklaus

Speak! shall provide support, awareness, and educational resources regarding mental health challenged to the Clarke and surrounding community, as well as remove the stigma with mental health challenges.

Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE)
P: Brenna Burgart
VP: Allie Waliczek
S: Beth Opperman
T: Tia Vergauwen
A: Lorie Murphy 

Students Against Violence Everywhere provides a supportive, safe social setting for victims of violence, their friends and supporters, as well as any other interested party recognizing violence on campus. SAVE provides educational resources regarding issues of violence and acts as an ally.

Student Athlete Leaders (SAL)
Contact Advisor Jeff Lamb.

Teachers for Tomorrow
P: Ashley Schulte
VP: Eric Meyer
S: Kelsey Kilburg
T: Stephanie Aasen
A: Ann Adkins  

Teachers for Tomorrow is open to all education majors, and strives to provide experiences and connections to education majors that will help members become better educators.

The Playmakers
P: Adam O'Dell
VP: Sean DeVries
S: John Sturtz
T: Lily Rottinghaus
A: Joe Klinebriel

The purpose of The Playmakers Improv Troupe is to offer an opportunity for Clarke students to perform in the Clarke and greater Dubuque communities, and to teach the art of improvisational acting to students at all levels of acting experience.

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