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Welcome to Clarke University! Together, we will cultivate new ways of delivering the Clarke experiences supporting each other and our community. We stand as One Clarke, One Community.

Workforce Education • Professional Development • Personal Growth

Whether you are an individual looking for personal growth or a company sponsoring professional development, Clarke University’s CareerPlus program has a course for you! Courses are taught by local experts, so what you learn is immediately applicable in your home, workplace, and community. Choose from over 20 micro course options that can be completed online at your own pace, or start on the path to an online bachelor’s degree.

OCTOBER MICRO COURSES (courses open Oct. 1 and close Oct. 28)
Courageous Conversations
Data Visualization: Telling Your Story with Data
The Enneagram: A Life-Changing Tool

NOVEMBER MICRO COURSES (courses open Nov. 1 and close Nov. 28)
Data Visualization: Making Sense of All of the Data
Developing the Leader Within
The Christian Compass: Exploring Prayer and Action

Transform your team and advance your career with CareerPLUS!



Expert-Facilitated Micro Courses

21st Century Workforce Skills
CareerPLUS micro courses are designed to provide professional development to working professionals in the following 21st-century essential workforce skill areas listed below.
Micro Course Options

Workforce Education

• Team Building
• Creating a Positive Work Environment
• On-Boarding
• Creating an Inclusive Organizational Culture
• Aligning All Your Employees with Your Company Values
• Improving Employee Productivity & Engagement

CareerPLUS unique features

Professional Development & Personal Growth

CareerPLUS Micro Courses and Digital Badges Can Help You With:
• Advancing Your Career
• Completing a Degree
• Returning to the Workforce

CareerPLUS Micro Courses and Digital Badges Can Help You With:
• Becoming Your Best Self
• Transforming Relationships
• Becoming a Better Parent and/or Partner
• Continuous Improvement
• Keeping Your Mind Engaged

Pathway Options

Whether you are an employer or an employee, the CareerPLUS program offers you the opportunity to “design your own path.” 

Want to work your way through a badge or degree program?
Stack your micro courses toward a designated badge, or easily convert your micro courses to credit through a process of “Prior Learning Assessment” (PLA).

The CareerPLUS program micro courses equip learners with 21st century professional skills, offer a pathway to a degree through stackable credentials (if desired), and opportunities for upskilling, career advancement, and/or career pivoting.

CareerPLUS path
Michele Vosberg Clarke Enneagram

Featured Micro Course Facilitator

Michele Vosberg, Ph.D. | Emotional Intelligence & Leadership

Michele Vosberg, Ph.D. is a teacher, author, and international speaker. After a long career in both K-12 education and at Clarke University, Michele co-founded Inspired Together Learning, a company which supports professional development for educators, businesses and individuals. In addition to holding a Ph.D. in Education, Michele is certified in the use of the Enneagram as a tool for understanding yourself and others. She frequently conducts workshops focused on personal development. Michele’s gift is seeing potential and her highest calling and most joyous work is to help others discover and bring about their own best gifts.

of nearly 900 surveyed executives said soft skills were equally important or more important than technical skills.

The Wall Street Journal
Critical thinking, collaboration, and professionalism are the competencies most sought by employers.

NACE Job Outlook 2020
of surveyed employers rate soft skills as being of equal importance to cognitive skills.



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