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Merit Scholarships for Transfers

2022-2023 OFFERINGS

Clarke University offers a variety of merit scholarships for transfer students. The following is a list of current merit awards for full-time transfer undergraduates in the daytime academic program. Merit awards are renewable.


Students transferring to Clarke, completing a second degree at Clarke, completing teacher certification, or returning to Clarke after a semester away, are awarded a Clarke Academic Scholarship of $15,000 upon acceptance. Recipients must have college credit beyond receiving a high school diploma or equivalent (also beyond the summer directly after high school graduation). The renewal requirement is a minimum of 2.0 GPA. 


Students transferring into Clarke to obtain a second bachelor’s degree or teacher certification are given a Second Degree Scholarship of $15,000 upon acceptance. The renewal requirement is a 2.0 GPA. This award is only granted when students are in a full-time semester. The only additional Clarke scholarship allowed to be stacked with this award is a Pride Scholarship.


Transfer students with membership in Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society (PTK) will be awarded a renewable Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship of $18,500.  This award REPLACES the student’s Clarke Academic Scholarship. This award is given once proof of membership is confirmed. The renewal requirement is a 2.0 GPA.


Pride Scholarships may be awarded to undergraduate students who demonstrate outstanding athletic ability. Criteria include academic records, recommendations, achievements, and other evidence of the ability to contribute to and benefit from the educational experience at Clarke. Pride Scholarships are available in the following men’s and women’s sports: basketball, bowling, soccer, golf, lacrosse, track & field, cross country, volleyball, football, dance, esports, baseball, and softball. Please contact the head coach about these awards.

Note: Prospective student-athletes should notify their coach of additional scholarships or awards they wish to be considered for before being packaged for financial aid. Any student-athlete who already has a financial aid package may be limited in the amount of additional scholarship dollars they are eligible for.


Athletic Manager Awards may be awarded to undergraduate students who demonstrate an interest in aiding a varsity athletic team as a team manager. Criteria and expectations for these awards are outlined by each individual coach. These are $1,000 renewable awards. Students who are on another athletic team roster can participate as a manager on another team, but cannot receive an Athletic Manager Award. Eligible candidates must earn acceptance to Clarke and complete their coach led interview by May 1, 2022, for priority consideration. Please contact the head coach about these awards.


Students who intend to major in art, art education, graphic design, music, music education, OR participate in the performing arts (music and/or theatre) will receive a Fine Art Scholarship upon acceptance. Majors are awarded up to $5,000 per year in a renewable scholarship. Participants in music ensembles and/or theatre productions are awarded $1,000 per year in a renewable scholarship. Interested students are highly encouraged to attend a Fine Art Showcase event and must earn acceptance to Clarke by May 1, 2023, for priority consideration.


Students with a parent, grandparent, sibling (dependent in the household), or spouse who is a Clarke University student or graduate are eligible to receive a Clarke University Legacy Grant of $1,000 towards tuition. Students who are dependent and attend Clarke with a qualifying family member simultaneously are eligible to receive the Legacy Grant. Both family members must be full-time undergraduate students in the daytime academic program. (One award per student)


The Clarke Alumni Referral and Engagement (CARE) Society Scholarship offers a $1,000 renewable scholarship to full-time undergraduate students who are referred to Clarke by an alumna/us or a current full-time Clarke student prior to their acceptance to the University. Our legacy students (those who have had a parent, grandparent, or sibling attend Clarke) will not be eligible for this award as they will receive the Legacy Grant. Alumni who refer a legacy student will still be recognized as part of the CARE Society. Learn more


Transfer Students participating in TRiO-Student Support Services at Northeast Iowa Community College are awarded a renewable $1,000 scholarship from Clarke University once participation is confirmed.


The Spiritual Life Leadership Scholarship may be awarded to undergraduate non-athlete students who are committed to participating in Campus Ministry Programs here at Clarke University. The Spiritual Life Leadership Scholarship is an opportunity for students, regardless of their religious or spiritual orientation, to get involved in and lead a variety of spiritual life activities on campus and in the community. Scholarship winners will receive a $2,000 renewable award. Additionally, Spiritual Life Leadership Scholarship recipients will work with their peers and our Campus Ministry staff to support programs and activities for our Clarke community. Students are considered for the award on a rolling basis. Click here to apply and learn more.


Endowed scholarships are awards funded through donors. While many are awarded at $1,000 for one year; each has specific eligibility/renewal requirements and amounts as requested by each donor. For priority consideration, eligible candidates must gain acceptance to Clarke by December 15, 2021 (unless the individual award lists a different deadline). Recipients of these scholarships will be awarded funds to use towards their tuition only. All candidates must display a serious desire to complete their education, possess both a reputation and character that would be a credit to Clarke, and have financial need. Click here to apply for an endowed scholarship.

All State, Federal, and Clarke awards are restricted to the cost of attendance. Any Clarke institutional aid that brings the total of a student’s institutional financial aid to an amount greater than the cost of tuition may be reduced to keep the total Clarke funds at no more than the cost of tuition.