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Campus Visit FAQs

How long is an individual campus visit?
Each visit includes three parts – campus tour, meeting with admissions counselor and meeting with faculty, if available. The tour is an hour and each meeting is 30 minutes. Therefore, a campus visit is a minimum two hours. Additional appointments can be requested based on availability.

Can I meet with faculty or coaches during a visit?
Yes, if they are available. Faculty have very limited availability in the summer. To better ensure a faculty appointment, schedule your visit during the school year when classes are in session or attend a group visit. Coaches’ availability is based on their travel schedules.

Can I have lunch on campus during my visit?
Of course! We pride ourselves on our excellent campus food. If you are visiting between 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. during the school year when classes are in session, you are welcome to eat in the dining hall. It’s on us! Check out our weekly menu.

Where can I stay in Dubuque?
There are many lodging options in town. However, we have special rates with these hotels. When making your reservation please mention you are visiting Clarke University.

- Midway Hotel - Best Western: 1-800-336-4392  
- Comfort Inn: 563-556-3006  
- Country Inn & Suites: 563-583-2500  
- Fairfield Inn: 563-588-2349  
- Heartland Inn: 563-582-3752  
- Holiday Inn Five Flags: 563-556-2000  
- Holiday Inn Express: 563-556-4600
- Hampton Inn: 563-690-2005  

How do I get to Clarke’s campus?
Clarke's central location is within driving distance of great cities: 3 hours from Chicago, Des Moines and Milwaukee; 4.5 hours from Minneapolis/St.Paul; and 5.5 hours from St. Louis.

Where do I park on campus?
Visitor parking is available in the parking lots next to the Terence Donaghoe Hall Theatre or R.C. Wahlert Sports complex. There are also designated parking spots along Clarke Drive. If you schedule an individual visit, you will receive a parking pass with your visit confirmation to display on your vehicle’s dashboard. 

Where is the admissions office located?
We are in the Wahlert Atrium, the 56-foot tall glass building in the heart of campus. Upon entering the Atrium give your name to the Welcome Desk receptionist who will direct you to the admissions office.

Can I visit on a weekend?
Our group visit programs are on weekends. Individual visits cannot be scheduled on weekends.

Are there any dates I can’t visit?
Yes, the academic calendar shows the dates Clarke are closed. We recommend visiting while classes are in session to ensure the best faculty availability. The individual visit form lists dates when visits are not available.

What is the difference between a group visit and an individual visit? Why should I pick one over the other?
An individual visit allows you to personalize your experience – choose the date and time that are best for you and meet with exactly who you want one-on-one. This gives you an in-depth visit experience. A group visit provides a general overview of Clarke in a short amount of time. They are helpful for your first visit to get just a taste of what Clarke is like.

I came to Iowa Private College Week – should I do a group visit or individual visit next?
An individual visit. All of our group visits – Iowa Private College Week, Fall Visit Day, Spring Visit Day – are very similar. Therefore, if you attended one of them you will be best served by scheduling an individual visit so you can tailor your visit to you. Plan to attend a scholarship event, too.

Can I visit Clarke more than once?
Absolutely! A campus visit is the best way to get a feel for the campus and see if it is the right fit for you. So you can visit as many times as you wish to help you make that decision. Our scholarship events are good visit opportunities, too.

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