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CONNECT Orientation

Welcome to Clarke University

As the newest member of the Clarke community, you are probably excited and a bit nervous. You may also have many questions about the college and your role as a new student. Clarke has designed a special CONNECT program to ensure a smooth transition to your new college environment. You will have the chance to get acquainted with the campus, meet other new students, and learn where campus resources are located.

Spring 2023 CONNECT Orientation

New student orientation will take place on Clarke’s campus in January 2023. Spring orientation for all new undergraduate students will take place on Monday, January 16, 2023.

Students who have not yet registered for classes or who need to complete the writing assessment will do so in the morning, immediately prior to the start of orientation sessions. Admissions staff will coordinate writing assessment and registration communication with new students.

Early Arrival Spring Athletes & Residence Hall Move-In

Athletes on any of the winter or spring athletic teams may be asked to arrive to campus early for team training. Impacted teams may be:

Women’s and Men’s Basketball, Lacrosse, Indoor Track, Men’s Baseball, and Women’s Softball 

All other new students moving into the residence halls for the spring 2023 semester will be able to move belongings during a pre-determined time, scheduled with Residence Life, on January 15, 2023. Residence Life staff will communicate move-in details directly with students who have completed a housing contract.

International Student Orientation

While all students are required to participate in our CONNECT orientation program, we recognize that international students have a nuanced and unique transition to college in the U.S. Therefore, international students are asked to participate in an orientation that focuses on items specific to the processes related to being on an F1 visa, as well as campus policy and cultural/social norms to those living in the U.S. and Dubuque.

International Student Orientation is planned for Monday, January 16 at 4:30 p.m. as part of the CONNECT schedule. Individual or small group sessions may take place prior to this date for early arrival athletes; schedules will be coordinated and communicated with coaches.

CU Move-In Crew

We Like to Move It

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Connect move in crew helping move in furniture - Full Size
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Clarke student waiting to get in the dorms - Full Size
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Clarke student with family on move in day - Full Size
Grace Frederick helping move furniture - Full Size
Clarke students moving their belongings into the dorms - Full Size
Clarke students helping with the move in process - Full Size
Hannah helping new students move in - Full Size
New Clarke family poses for the camera on move in day - Full Size
Natasha Adams explaining the move in process to a student - Full Size
Clarke student signing the dorm room contract - Full Size
Family helping new Clarke student move in - Full Size
Move-in day group family photo - Full Size
Move-in day - Full Size
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Move-in day - Full Size
Move-In Day group photo - Full Size
Clarke students participating in Connect Move in weekend - Full Size
Moving students into their dorm rooms - Full Size
Parents sending off their daughter to college. - Full Size
Move-in crew on Move-In day - Full Size
Connect move in crew rejoicing being finished with moving everything in. - Full Size