Scholarships, Advising and Planning for a Successful Life in the Arts

Clarke encourages each interested art applicant to present a portfolio of works to the art faculty for consideration for a Fine Arts Scholarship. It is an opportunity to assess the strengths of your high school preparation and gives you the chance to talk about your work and discuss career options. It is an encouraging and positive experience.

This guidance continues throughout your time at Clarke. During the Sophomore and Junior Review process students again reflect on their emerging skills, talents and professional attitudes. You’ll meet with and present a portfolio of works so faculty can point you in the right direction. The Senior Performance Process is the capstone to your undergraduate studio and liberal arts education culminating in a Quigley Gallery exhibit which prepares you to launch your life as an artist, graphic designer or art educator.

You will be encouraged, and in some areas required to complete an internship to complement your academic work at Clarke. Students have found positions at local and regional design studios, museums and arts centers. Studying abroad is another way to add richness and diversity to your professional preparation and life experience. Imagine walking through the halls of the Uffizi Museum in Florence or sitting on a hillside painting a landscape in Wales.

Fine Art Scholarships

Clarke University is pleased to offer Fine Arts Scholarships for excellence in performance to students who major in art, drama or music. Award amounts are determined after an audition and/or portfolio review.

Candidates must also apply to and be accepted for admission to Clarke, preferably prior to the audition. The deadline for competition for all Fine Arts Scholarships is April 15 of the year that the student will be enrolling at Clarke.

Students competing for a Fine Arts Scholarship in art must submit a portfolio of 12-15 of their best artworks to the Clarke University Art Department. These works should be original and demonstrate the student's abilities in drawing, color, design and any specific area of interest. Two- and three-dimensional examples may be submitted and presented in the form of slides or actual artwork. Strength in diversity is a plus. Faculty welcome seeing artwork created outside of class projects that demonstrate personal initiative, creativity and/or extra-curricular interests.

Auditions may be scheduled with the Clarke University Admissions Office by calling toll-free (800)383-2345 or locally (563)588-6316. If a student is unable to visit Clarke and compete for a Fine Arts Scholarship, the student may make other arrangements by contacting the Clarke Admissions Office.

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