Human Resources

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Human Resources

The human resources office is responsible for promoting a high-quality, responsive work environment that supports the university’s mission for education and service.

It is our goal to:

  • Provide leadership in the balance of the employer's interest with those of employees;
  • Lead policy application and compliance and to administer resolution processes in a manner that is fair, flexible, and effective;
  • Encourage diversity through equitable treatment;
  • Process accurate and timely payroll;
  • Administer benefit plans consistent with plan documents;

Human resources is an office in the business and finance division of Clarke University.

Human Resources Staff

Megan Lucas, Director of Human Resources
ext 8194

Jody Pfohl, Payroll and Benefits Manager
ext 6599

Linda Scott, Administrative Assistant of Business and Finance
ext 8198

  • Adult Studies
  • CONNECT 2016
  • STEM Day 2016