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Use the alert area on the default template to callout dates and deadlines or other time-sensitive information. You can also include a link to an internal or external page that contains more information. The icon can be changed but the exclamation point is the default. Recommended limit: around 50 words.

Default Page Template Guide

How to Use This Guide

This shows the components and styles available in the default page template. All are optional, and you’d usually only want to use a few per page. (This example has them all “turned on” to show how each works.)

Use this to help you choose which pieces best fit the type of content you have or message you’re trying to convey.


This is the feature area, use it to highlight content. It displays full-width across the top of the page, pushing down any sidebar items. If including an image (that’s optional), roughly balance the height of the text column with the height of the image.

Optional Button (25 chars.)
You can add an image or video in the featured area with the option of a caption.

Section Header

alt text not available
Optional aside image with optional caption.

This is a text section with optional aside components (image, call-out box, and pullquote). It displays to the left of any sidebar items.

Start a new text section for each aside component you want to use, or to line up an aside component with a particular portion of text (e.g., match an image up next to the text that describes it).

Use line breaks regularly to help users read (aim for paragraphs of about 100 words or less), and use plenty of headers to help them scan the page.


Optional pullquote aside. Keep very very short.

Include Attribution

In-Text Header Styles

Use the drop-down menu to create hierarchical text styles to break up and organize information.

h1 – actually an H2 in code

h2 – actually an H3 in code

h3 – actually an H4 in code

Paragraph for normal running text.

You can also use bold and Italics, but use sparingly, and avoid using them for headers — use the styles provided in the drop-down instead.

Informational Call-Out Box

This is something you can use to call out dates, deadlines, or a key related piece of content and link to another page in context. Icon is optional/changeable.

Optional Button (25 chars.)

More In-Text Style Options

Inside the text section, you can add inline text links to other pages.

You can organize content into bulleted lists:

  • bullet
  • bullet
  • bullet

Or numbered lists:

  1. item 1
  2. item 2
  3. item 3

You can also style an inline block quote using the quotation marks icon,

which indents and changes the color of quoted text.

Featured Links

Use the List of Featured Links component to create secondary links between text sections for calls to action or important supporting information. List no more than 5 at a time (the fewer, the better, to direct users’ actions most effectively) and aim for verb phrases or words that describe the item or page you’re linking to. Front-load the first 11 characters with the most important or descriptive words, and eliminate ones that don’t carry much information, like “click here” or “visit the website.”


For displaying tabular data, you can create a table in TablePress and insert it into a page with a reference number.

Header HeaderHeaderHeader
This is an optional full-width image, which can display with or without caption.
This is an optional full-width video, which can display with or without caption.
Fun/Informal Gallery Superheader

Descriptive Gallery Header