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First Year Admissions Process

clarke students in atrium building

Admission Standards:

  • Admissions preference is given to those who have a cumulative and core GPA of a 2.5 or above on a 4.0 scale.
  • Clarke is test-optional; we will provide an admission decision without a test score. 
    This allows applicants the option to either submit or not submit their SAT or ACT scores for the admission process. We believe students should present the most comprehensive picture of their academic and intellectual accomplishments when applying for admission to Clarke. If a student believes their standardized test scores will be valuable supporting information during the review process, then the results may be submitted. Students who feel their high school records alone are a better indicator of their academic achievement and ability may choose to exclude their test scores from their application without penalty.

Application Process:

  1. Complete your application.
  2. Request that your high school send us your transcripts. Clarke will accept unofficial transcripts for acceptance purposes, but you must submit official transcripts for enrollment.
    Transcripts can be sent to
    OR mailed to:
    Admissions Office
    Clarke University
    1550 Clarke Drive
    Dubuque, IA 52001-3198
  3. If you decide to send us your test scores, request that your ACT or SAT be sent from the testing agency by entering the Clarke code below. Clarke also accepts a copy of the student score report for the ACT or SAT; which is available for free online.
    1290 ACT
    6099 for SAT I


Clarke University has a rich history of serving students who have the will to succeed. Part of our heritage and mission has always been to help students realize their potential.

Clarke created the Spark program to admit a small number of new students who demonstrate potential despite past academic challenges. These students have not achieved sufficient academic credentials in high school to gain regular admission into Clarke, yet we believe that they show promise and a desire to succeed.  Spark intentionally links students with the services they need to support their success. Spark provides a learning specialist to meet with the student to design and monitor individual student progress through their collegiate journey. Clarke University will select students who have shown a desire to accept the challenge of achieving success in college through this program.  Spark students recognize the great benefit of having help available, and they actively engage in using that help to succeed academically.