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We continue to monitor and prepare for additional cases in Iowa and will adjust the university schedule or classes as needed. Please check our COVID-19 webpage for updates and other information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Doctor of Physical Therapy Clinical Resource Information

Clinical Resource Information

Clinical Education Manual

Clinical Education Manual Resource Appendices

Clarke University Letter of Agreement
Clinical Performance Instrument (accessible to students via Moodle)
Clinical Performance Instrument Link to CPI
APTA Guidelines and Self Assessments

Clarke University Forms

Student Agreement form
Student Information sheet
Student Evaluation of Clinical Site
Mid Clinical Experience Visit Form

Sexual Harassment Policy (Student Handbook, page 37)

Universal Precautions. Bloodborne Pathogens, HIPAA and Mandatory Reporter Training and other requirements:
All pre-professional and professional physical therapy students will complete training in Universal Precautions, Bloodborne Pathogens, and HIPAA annually as required by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. Students will also complete training on Mandatory Reporting. This training will take place either online or at a mandatory session during the first month of the Fall semester. Students will also be responsible for maintaining other Clarke University and site specific health requirements in order to be eligible for internships.

Course Syllabi (Course numbers have changed)

DPT631 Clinical Education Experience I
DPT632 Clinical Education Experience II
DPT733 Clinical Education Experience III 
DPT734 Clinical Education Experience IV
DPT735 Clinical Education Experience V

Clinical Forms

CSIF Quick Start Guide for CCCE
CSIF Quick Start Guide for Student Completion
Clinical Instructor Survey (PDF)
Clinical Education Student Exit Interview 

Doctor of Physical Therapy Catalog and Handbook

Physical Therapy Graduate Catalog and Handbook – Class of 2020 (PDF)
Physical Therapy Graduate Catalog and Handbook – Class of 2021 (PDF)
Physical Therapy Graduate Catalog and Handbook – Class of 2022 (PDF)