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Facilities & Equipment

Studio Gallery in Eliza Kelly Hall
Clarke University's Painting Studio


The main painting and drawing studio is on the top floor of Eliza Kelly Hall built in 1905. It is a beautiful space with skylight, windows on three sides offering views of the Mississippi River.

The sculpture and ceramics studios are located on the ground level of Eliza Kelly Hall and have been renovated in recent years with the addition of a wood shop, welding equipment and new gas kiln.

Printmaking is located close by in the Wahlert Atrium and is fully equipped for etching, screenprinting, relief printing and letterpress. Clarke continues to teach traditional film photography with a darkroom in Catherine Byrne Hall.

The Quigley Art Gallery was established in 1986. Every senior studio art student creates an exhibit separate from their normal classwork (graphic design majors create an individual exhibit in a group setting) that is displayed in Quigley. However, this area is not reserved just for senior students. It is also open to sophomores and juniors as well as non-art majors.

Clarke University Graphic Design Lab in the Art Campus
Clarke University's Graphic Design Studio

Graphic Design

Clarke’s new Graphic Design Studio meets the growing demand of the design world – we are an award-winning art and design program that leverages the latest digital technologies and delivery systems. The 2,000-square-foot studio houses 20 state-of-the-art iMac workstations, optical scanners, a laser printer, production tables, and a deceivingly comfortable mid-century, orange Knoll couch. With bright green, orange and yellow painted walls, coupled with rigorous design challenges, students are assured to stay atop of their design game.

And it doesn’t all happen inside the digital box. Creative solutions most often begin and end with artistic hand skills, ranging from sketchbook activities to 3D cardboard constructions. Pens, markers, glue guns, utility knives, paint and collage are all equally important tools in a maker’s toolbox within the Graphic Design Studio. The GDS Woodward Fabrication Lab (Fab Lab) is all about rapid prototyping and high-end output as it houses a 44-inch Epson wide format inkjet printer, and Makerbot Replicator, 3D printer.

Thinking Outside the Lines

Creative Thoughts Gather Here

Students are able to take a sculpting class - Full Size
Clarke University Communications Includes A Graphic Design Program - Full Size
Quigley Art Gallery - Full Size
Art Major Main Photo - Full Size
Studio Gallery in Eliza Kelly Hall - Full Size
Students work on press printers - Full Size
Hannah Goldsmith draws a still life - Full Size
Erik Brolin puts on the finishing touches to his ceramic mugs. - Full Size
Clarke University's Graphic Design Lab Art - Full Size
Students work on press printers - Full Size
Art majors working on sculpture - Full Size
Art majors working on sculpture - Full Size
Graphic Design Artwork - Full Size
Sidewalk chalk - Full Size
Dubuque Art Scene-Gallery - Full Size