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Title IX Compliance

The Title IX Coordinator's duties and responsibilities include monitoring and oversight of overall implementation of Title IX Compliance at the University, including coordination of training, education, communications and administration of grievance procedures for faculty, staff, students and other members of the University community.

The Title IX coordinator is responsible for overseeing an institution's Title IX compliance efforts. The coordinator is available to meet with students who believe sexual harassment or assault has occurred, ensures that complaints are handled through consistent practices and standards and upon receiving notice of potential acts of sexual harassment or assault, either personally investigate the incident or oversee the investigation.

Title IX Coordinator: Daisy Halvorson, Vice President for Business and Finance

Title IX Deputy Coordinator: Megan Lucas, Director of Human Resources, (563)588-8194

Title IX Deputy Coordinator – Athletics: Curt Long, Director of Athletics, (563)588-6462

Title IX Deputy Coordinator – Students: Kate Zanger Vice President for Student Life, (563)588-6517

Kent Anderson, Professor of Philosophy, Equity Advocate, (563)588-6562

Regina Boarman, Chair and Associate Professor of Social Work, Equity Advocate, (563)588-6583

Anastasia Nicklaus, Director of Campus Ministry, Equity Advocate,

Casey Tauber, Assistant Director of Athletics, Equity Advocate,

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