Financial Aid for Transfer Students

Below is a listing of aid opportunities available to full-time transfers.

Clarke Institutional Aid

Clarke University offers a variety of Clarke Merit Scholarships to transfer students including academic, athletic talent awards, fine arts and other scholarships.

Federal and State Aid

Students who file the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) are eligible for Federal Aid which is based on need that is determined by the FAFSA.

Iowa resident students who file the FAFSA before July 1 are eligible for State of Iowa which is based on need that is determined by the FAFSA.

Outside Scholarships

To search and apply for scholarships through outside organizations, click here. These scholarships are generally available on a year-to-year basis.

Undergraduate Student Loans

Sometimes federal and institutional gift aid does not provide enough funding to meet all educational expenses. For students needing additional assistance, funding is also available through student loans. Borrowed funds are then payed back to the lender in installments. For available loan options, click on the links below.

Federal Direct Loans
Parent Plus Loan
Institutionally Administered Loans
Private Loans

Federal Work Study and Campus Employment

Preference for campus employment is given to early applicants based on need. Earnings are based upon hours worked, up to $2,000 per year. Click here for more information.

Clarke Payment Plans

Clarke offers several payment options. A method of payment must be selected and a payment plan selected by the time class starts. This will allow the financial portion of the registration to be completed more accurately and efficiently. Payment plans can be accessed through MyInfo. The costs of books, supplies and individual expenses are not part of the payment plans. For further information click here.

Additional Assistance

Additional assistance may be available to Veterans, Dependents of Veterans, and students in need of special support. Click here to learn more.

Clarke University and CashCourse are partnering together to introduce students and families to various topics of financial education. To visit the site and get started with your financial education, click here.

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