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Multicultural Issues Advisory Committee

This is a standing committee that evolved from the Minority Task Force initiated by the president in 1989. The primary function of this committee is to act as a sounding board for new ideas, the channel for dissemination of information regarding multicultural issues, and a catalyst for dialogue, change and development in improving the campus climate, in both academics and student life.


This committee reports to the president and its chair, who is the director of multicultural student services.

  • Three faculty representatives elected by the Faculty Senate.
  • Two staff representatives appointed by the All College Staff Council.
  • Two student representatives appointed by the officers of the Clarke Student Association.
  • The vice president for academic affairs and the vice president for student life will serve as ex-officio members.

Authority and Responsibility

The main purpose of the committee is to address the needs of a multicultural university community. The committee will perform ongoing review of the campus climate, including academics and student life, to insure an environment that is welcoming and sensitive to faculty, staff and students of color and from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Proposals and Procedures

  • Any member of the campus community may submit proposals to the committee.
  • Recommendations under consideration by the committee pertaining to academics or student policy should be forwarded to the appropriate university committee for deliberation.
  • Final recommendations, agreed upon by the committee, will be presented to the president for appropriate action.


The meeting schedule will be determined by the committee as needed.