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Bachelor of Arts

We, as human beings, are all engaged in a search for meaning to give value and order to our lives. Philosophers, both amateur and professional, grapple with the biggest issues facing their generation. Our philosophy graduates hone strong traits that employers seek, such as communication skills (verbal and written), problem-solving, analyzing pros and cons, and vocabulary building. In fact, many leaders of the tech world — from LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman to Flickr founder Stewart Butterfield — say that studying philosophy was the secret to their success as digital entrepreneurs.

Professor Norm Freund dresses up as the ancient philosopher Socrates as the class studies Greek philosophy.

Program Details

You’ll see some quirky things in your philosophy classes. For one, historical figures come to life in the introductory course as Philosophy Professor Norm Freund dresses up as the ancient philosopher Socrates (yes, in a toga). Courses will focus on concepts of religion, ethics, business, and metaphysics. You’ll study critical thinking, writing, and argumentation, all skills which are crucial to many professional careers. You’ll learn to question and understand, evaluate, and relate. And you’ll study with the best – each philosophy faculty member has won the Meneve Dunham Award for Excellence in Teaching. Philosophy students also do service work at the Dubuque Regional Humane Society, at Campus Ministry events, and at Mount Carmel, the BVM Mother House.

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Meet Our Faculty

When our graduates speak about the Clarke moments that helped shape them, there’s always a professor in the story. That’s because being a faculty member at Clarke University requires a deep passion for educating, encouraging, and empowering students. Here, your professors will know your name. They will push you to develop your full potential, and then they’ll ask for more. And, they’ll be right there to congratulate you when you exceed even your own expectations. Often, it’s a relationship that lasts a lifetime.

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Norm Freund, Ph.D.

Norm Freund, Ph.D.

Chair and Professor of Philosophy

I try to inspire my students to do and be their best and use the transferable skills of philosophy to improve their lives and the world, for the word ‘educate’ means to lead out … of ignorance, darkness, and apathy.

Kent Anderson, Ph.D.

I hope that my students cultivate a critical mind that hungers for truth with a passion for making a difference in the world.

Tom Riley, Ph.D.

Tom Riley, Ph.D.

Professor of Philosophy

Community is among the keys to happiness, and I’m grateful to Clarke for providing me that.

There’s more to college than going to class.

The Classroom and Beyond

But don’t take our word for it…

Our Students & Alumni

Mike Daly

Mike Daly

Philosophy ‘08

I credit all of my success in law school to what I learned in Clarke philosophy classes. Knowing formal logic concepts and how to critically think make a huge difference in law school and my career.

Lennard Panthier

Lennard Panthier

Philosophy and Nursing ‘19

Coming from the Caribbean, I instantly felt a sense of community at Clarke. Here you’ll find diversity and acceptance.

Stacy Latnie

Stacy Latnie

Philosophy and Physical Education ‘15

My favorite part of studying philosophy at Clarke was that every day I knew my creative intelligence would be pushed beyond its limits.

80 years
Combined experience

The three full-time faculty have 80+ years combined experience at Clarke and each brings a “different flavor” to the classroom.

3 rd in $
Excellent job placement

Philosophy majors are in the top one-third median career wage earners, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

3 rd ranked
LSAT performers

Philosophy majors are the third-ranked LSAT performers nationally (after physics and math).

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