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Career & Internship Resources

The following resources are available in the Clarke University Career Services Resource Library for use by Clarke University students, graduates, faculty, and staff.

General Resources

Computer Access

In partnership with Iowa Workforce Development, Clarke’s Nicholas J. Schrup Library has a dedicated computer station near the Circulation Desk that is open to all community members who wish to use it for the purposes of job hunting, writing resumes, etc.

Cover Letters

  • Cover Letters for Dummies
  • Cover Letters That Knock ‘Em Dead


  • From College To Career: Entry-Level Resumes For Any Major
  • Resume for Dummies
  • Resumes For College Students And Recent Graduates With Sample Cover Letters
  • Resumes For Communications Careers With Sample Cover Letters
  • Resumes for Re-Entering The Job Market
  • Resumes For The First-Time Job Hunter
  • Trashproof Resumes: Your Guide to Cracking the Job Market


  • High Impact Telephone Networking for Job Hunters
  • Network Your Way to Job & Career Success

Internship Search

  • 2001-2002 Eighth Bi-Annual National Directory of Arts Internships
  • 2002 National Directory of Scholarships, Internship, & Fellowships for Latino Youth
  • America’s Top Internships
  • Internships: The Largest Source of Internships Available
  • The Internship Bible
  • The Leadership Institute’s Broadcast Journalism Internship Directory
  • Summer Job Search
  • Guide to ACA-Accredited Camps
  • Summer Jobs for Students
  • Summer Theatre Directory 2001

Job Search

  • Hook Up, Get Hired! The Internet Job Search Revolution
  • Job Seekers’ Guide to Employment
  • Professional’s Job Finder
  • The Complete Job-Search Handbook
  • The Hunter’s Final Exam (with all the answers!)
  • The Internet for Dummies
  • The Job Hunter’s Catalog
  • The Job Hunting Handbook
  • Using the Internet In Your Job Search


  • Job Interviews for Dummies
  • Knock ‘Em Dead With Great Answers To Tough Interview Questions
  • The Perfect Follow-Up Method To Get The Job

First Job Information

  • Business Etiquette & Professionalism
  • Don’t Slurp Your Soup
  • Dressing Smart in the New Millennium
  • Job Savvy: How to be a Success at Work
  • MTV’S Now What?! A Guide to Jobs, Money, and The Real World
  • New Women’s Dress for Success
  • On Your Own for the First Time
  • Reality 101
  • Your First Job

Government Jobs

  • The Book of U.S. Government Jobs

Study/Work Abroad

  • Almanac of International Jobs and Careers
  • Careers in International Affairs
  • Directory of Jobs & Careers Abroad
  • Hoover’s Handbook of World Business
  • How Far Are You Willing To Go To Make A Difference (video)
  • International Jobs Directory
  • Internationals Workcamp Directory
  • Jobs Worldwide
  • Nikkei Placement Guide for International Career
  • Peace Corps: The Great Adventure
  • Work Abroad: The Complete Guide to Finding a Job Overseas
  • Work, Study, Travel Abroad
  • World Chamber of Commerce Directory

Occupational Guides

  • 150 Best Companies for Liberal Arts Graduates
  • America’s Top White-Collar Jobs
  • Fortune: America’s Largest Corporations
  • Hoover’s 500 Profiles of America’s Largest Business Enterprises
  • Iowa Licensed Occupations
  • Job Seeker’s Guide to Private & Public Companies: The Midwest
  • National Trade and Professional Associations of the United States
  • Native American Connections: Yearbook/Directory
  • The Temp Track
  • U.S. News & World Report: Best Jobs For The Future