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Careers & Internships

We are here to help you in choosing a major, job searching, interviewing, finding an internship, creating resumes and graduate school search.


Become Prepared

Gain real world experience, network, build your resume and learn to showcase your skills.

At Clarke, we talk a lot about one-on-one support in the classroom but our dedication to your success goes far beyond that. We are proud to offer support services that empower you personally and professionally, and that includes our Career Services Office.  

Located in the lower level of the library, you can meet with a Career Counselor to personalize a plan that will help you achieve your goals. Offering assistance in everything from career assessments and major exploration tools, job shadowing, internship placement, and interview preparation, Career Services is a resource you can enjoy as early as your first day on campus. Career Services also frequently partners with classes, area employers, and organizations to share insights and foster professional networks. 


Your Career Starts Here

We can help you land that dream job.

Career Services offers many ways for students to connect with employers locally and nationally. In return, employers know they can come to Clarke for career-ready, reliable, and responsible applicants for opportunities throughout their organization. In this way, we build real and lasting relationships that benefit students and the communities they call home.  

Whether you are in your first year or approaching graduation, our Careers Services Staff is ready to help you explore the many opportunities waiting for you, including: 

If your career plans include graduate or professional school, Career Services has resources for you! Contact with our Career Counselor for help with choosing a school, professional document preparation and more.  


Find Your Fit

Internships can lead to dream careers.

Don’t wait until your senior year to start thinking about your career! The Clarke Career Services Office has resources that can structure your goals from day one so you’re prepared for that dream job after college. You may even be able to earn academic credit and get paid for your experiences through campus employment, internships, and more! 

To help focus your job search, we’ve developed a network of local, regional, and national connections to help you secure employment and internships during your time in college and beyond. Plus, we offer services like mock interviews, a career closet, and other services to help you prepare for your job search. 

Educational experiences that make a difference in our communities

Internships with Impact

Clarke Students & Alumni Success

Professional Preparedness

Students, Professors, and Alumni all use Career Services to support their professional growth and connections to Clarke.

The Clarke Compass
Tatum Brim '21

Tatum Brim '21

Psychology and Business: Finance

The Career Services Office has been extremely helpful and flexible with me to complete my two internships and have them count as credit at Clarke. Many students may not know that the job you are working right now could fit the requirements of an internship.

Kate Corrigan '85

Kate Corrigan '85

Co-Founder of Archer Career

There will always be a need for workers who can think critically, solve problems, and communicate, and a liberal arts education is the best way to develop that knowledge. I know I am getting these skills from Clarke interns and encourage other organizations to do the same.

Morgan Dunahoo '22

Morgan Dunahoo '22

Doctor of Physical Therapy

As a third year DPT student, Becky came into our class to share resume, cover letter, and interview tips. She gave us loads of information to set us up for success when creating these important documents! I feel better prepared for the job search with the help from Career Services!

Isabelle Barefoot

Isabelle Barefoot


Before attending Clarke, I have never been taught how to write a resume. My career counselor illustrated exactly what future employers will be looking for when I hand them my resume. Each student at Clarke has a goal, and Career Services has the resources to see each student succeed.

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