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Jessie Rebik

Associate Professor of Art
Office: 304 EKH 
Mail Stop: 1799 
Phone: 8146 


Degrees earned: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Clarke College 2002; Master of Fine Arts, Florida Atlantic University 2007.

Professional experience: To see my work, go to

Teaching philosophy: One objective of my teaching is to help students develop their artistic voices. I believe that their authentic, individual experiences are significant. Their existence in the world connects them to others who exist in the same world, which makes their artistic expression relatable. I aim to help them understand the connection between themselves and the world around them, to identify their influences, become aware of their own impact, and finally communicate their ideas through their art work. My role is to help them grow into a more sophisticated version of their artistic selves. 

The process of art making involves an enormous amount of self-reflection, work ethic, self-discipline, critical thinking, resourcefulness, and observation and analysis of the world. It forces artists to consider the implications of their own existence and what impacts they have. Art making is an intensely spiritual endeavor, and it requires an endless pursuit of personal development.  All of this transcends the simple act of making an image, and is what I hope to instill in students. My ultimate goal is that, through developing their artist selves, students will become self-aware, empathetic, and have a clearer realization of who they aspire to become, as well as their relationship to their world.

Jessie’s favorite:

Movie – Garden State

Class in college – Painting

Places traveled – I have traveled throughout the UK, as well as Greece, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France, and Spain. I’ve visited Hawaii, the East and West Coast of the United States, and many of the states in between. I did volunteer work throughout the Southeast region of the U.S., and lived in South Florida for several years. I visit Central Iowa and New Jersey at least once a year. 

Hobby – Painting, Running, Gardening, yoga

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  • Arts at Clarke 2016
  • Transfer Fall 2015