Map and Directions


Campus Map

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Clarke University Campus Map

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Campus Map 2013

  1. R.C. & Celeste Wahlert Atrium
  2. Haas Administrative Offices, Jansen Music Hall, Quigley Gallery 1550
  3. Sacred Heart Chapel
  4. Nicholas J. Schrup Library
  5. Eliza Kelly Hall
  6. Alumnae Lecture Hall
  7. Catherine Byrne Hall
  8. Keller Computer Center
  9. Mary Josita Hall
  10. Mary Benedict Hall
  1. Student Apartment Complex
  2. Terence Donaghoe Hall Theatre
  3. Robert & Ruth Kehl Center
  4. Student Activity Center, Crusader Café, Whitlow Bookstore
  5. Mary Frances Hall, Stoltz Student Life Wing
  6. R.C. Wahlert Sports Complex
  7. Honors House
  8. Marie Miske Center for Science Inquiry
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