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Clarke to Offer Early-Access MBA Program

By Clarke News  |  May 24, 2013

Clarke University is pleased to announce that it will now offer an early-access MBA option for students in the university’s undergraduate degree programs.

Open to qualified students in all of Clarke’s undergraduate majors, the program will allow students to complete up to 12 hours of graduate study toward Clarke’s master of business administration degree during their senior year of undergraduate work.

The early-access MBA program will also include a direct-admission option for undergraduate students, allowing them to declare intent to enter the program as first-year students and reserving a spot for them in the graduate program provided they meet the grade-point-average and graduate admission requirements.

“The early-access MBA will benefit students in a variety of majors providing them with a head-start on completing an MBA degree – a recognized graduate degree that gives a clear edge in today’s workplace,” said Kate Hendel, BVM, Ph.D., dean of adult and graduate students at Clarke. “Coupled with their undergraduate degree, students will leave Clarke with strong skills in their undergraduate discipline as well as with a solid set of management skills and organizational perspective that comes with a graduate MBA degree.”

The graduate credits taken as part of the early-access program will be applied as both undergraduate electives and graduate credits toward the master’s degree. This early-access format allows students to complete both undergraduate and graduate degrees in as little as five years. Clarke University will begin admitting students into the early-access MBA program in the 2011-12 academic year.

For more information, contact the Clarke University Graduate Studies Office at (563)588-6631 or email