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On-Campus Student Employment Opportunities

Looking for On-Campus Employment?

This resource is here to assist you in finding an on-campus job that is the right fit for you. Below you will find the list of current on-campus position openings for students at Clarke University.

If interested in a position, please contact the supervisor listed on the post and complete any additional applications they may require.

2023-2024 Student Employment Positions


Tour Guides – Multiple Positions

Time Frame:  Fall/Spring, option for summer

Hours per week: Varying depending on how many tours you take per week.

Purpose of Job: To provide campus tours of Clarke University primarily to prospective students and their families.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Give on-campus and virtual tours  to prospective students and their families, faculty and staff members interviewing on campus, and to large groups visiting campus from high schools.
  • Responsible for knowledge of basic facts of the university, as well as tips, tricks and stories learned in training.
  • Create an unforgettable experience for those visiting Clarke while on tour.

Job Qualifications:

  • Have a positive attitude, great energy, be dependable and possess top notch customer service skills.
    Be in at least your second year of college at Clarke University.
  • Be available and flexible for a minimum of 5 tours per semester. Each tour is approximately an hour long. Tours are given Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri 9:00am-4:00pm and on occasional Saturdays from 9:00am-Noon.
  • Strong communications skills required.
  • Ability to be a great storyteller preferred.
  • Tour Guides will receive training on campus history, building specifics and will need to complete shadow tours, buddy tours and pass a certification tour before being able to give tours on their own.

Wage:  $10/hr.

Supervisor:  Nicole Schaefer, Campus Experience Coordinator

Notes: Students with Federal Work Study are eligible for this position

Please apply by completing the following application:



Cuttie Mascot Performer, 2 positions

Time Frame:  Fall/Spring

Hours per Week:  4-5

Purpose of Job: Perform as Cuttie the athletic mascot during athletic games and events.

Duties & Responsibilities: Wear mascot costume and entertain crowd and kids.

Job Qualifications: Must enjoy and interact with the crowd.

Wage: $20/hr.

Supervisor:  Brett Tudela,, (563) 588-6360

Football Statisticians, 2 positions

Time Frame:  Fall Only

Hours per week:  4 hours per home game

Purpose of Job: Keep statistics for all home football games.

Duties & Responsibilities: Serve as a member of the stat crew for all home football games. Will spot and call out plays as they happen to computer operator.

Job Qualifications: Have good knowledge of the game of football.  Previous experience keeping football statistics preferred.

Wage:  $10/hr.

Supervisor: Brett Tudela,, (563) 588-6360

Lacrosse Statistician, 2 positions

Timeframe:  Spring Only

Hours per Week:  2 hours per game

Purpose of Job: Compile lacrosse stats for all men’s and women’s home lacrosse games.

Duties & Responsibilities: Student will serve as a spotter and will learn in-game stat program.

Job Qualifications: Knowledge of lacrosse. Willing to learn in-game stat program.

Wage:  $7.25/hr.

Supervisor:  Brett Tudela,, (563) 588-6360

Statisticians, multiple positions

2 baseball, 2 softball, 2 men’s basketball, 2 women’s basketball, 2 soccer, 2 men’s volleyball, 2 women’s volleyball

Time Frame:  Fall/Winter/Spring

Hours Per Week:  Varies

Purpose of Job: Serve as a member of the stat crew and assist the sports information office in the compiling of official statistics at Clarke home athletic events.

Duties & Responsibilities: Students will be trained to keep live in-game statistics on a laptop using Dakstats and/or Stat Crew scoring software. Students will also be trained to be callers for the statistician inputting the game stats on a laptop.

Job Qualifications: General knowledge of the sport or sports that the applicant is applying for.

Wage:  $7.25/hr.

Supervisor: Brett Tudela,, (563) 588-6360

Event Management, Multiple Positions

Time Frame:  Fall/Spring

Hours Per Week:  6-10

Purpose of Job: Help with various positions at athletic contests.

Duties & Responsibilities: Public announcer for games, run clocks, scoreboards, keep stats, working a camera, misc.

Job Qualifications: Ability to learn rules about the sport.

Wage: $7.25/hr.

Supervisor:  Casey Tauber,, (563) 588-6397

Note: Students with Federal Work Study are eligible for this position


Dining Services

Cafeteria Assistant, 12 positions

Time Frame: Fall/Spring

Hours Per Week: 5-20

Purpose of Job: To assist the Dining Services Department in serving our guests needs in the Dining Hall.

Duties & Responsibilities: Serving on hot line, ware washing, and food preparation.

Job Qualifications: Must be reliable and hard working.

Wage: $10.00 to start/hr.   Students who return to this position will be considered for an increase.

Supervisor: Steve Neese,, (563) 588-6328

Education / Community Service Learning

School Tutoring / Teacher Assistant, multiple positions

Time Frame:  Fall/Spring

Hours per week:  5-15/hrs. per week

Purpose of Job: To provide teacher and student support in local schools.

Duties & Responsibilities: Work with students in elementary, middle school, or high school. Duties include, but not limited to: tutoring and general classroom teacher assistance.
Students must be professional and reliable.  Students will need to have transportation to area schools or walk to schools close to Clarke.

Job Qualifications: Preference of education students with experience working with children.

Wage:  $12/hr.

Supervisor:  Beth Putnam



Society, Culture and Discourse

Student Assistant, 1 position

Time Frame:  Fall/Spring

Hours per week:  2-3

Purpose of Job: To assist in supporting the work of the department and its faculty.

Duties & Responsibilities: This work study position provides support to the department faculty members. Duties include word processing; making photocopies and scanning documents to make pdfs; researching information, picking up and delivering mail; organizing department materials; administrative support of events; updating and attending to social media for the department; and posting and arranging information on bulletin boards. Some understanding of Spanish is helpful for support of the Spanish portion of the department.

Job Qualifications:

  •  Must be organized, trustworthy, responsible, and responsive.
  • Must have good communication skills.
  • Must have the ability to use office equipment and computer using standard programs such as Word. Knowledge of such programs as Excel, Publisher, etc., would be helpful.
  • Familiar with social media and able to use it to help support the department.
  • Spanish-speaking preferred

Wage:  $7.25/hr.

Supervisor:  Evelyn Nadeau,, (563) 588-6557

Note:  Students with Federal Work Study are eligible for this position.


Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Work Study

Time Frame:  Fall/Spring

Hours per Week:  4

Purpose of Job:  Provide administrative assistance in the Physical Therapy Department.

Duties & Responsibilities: Include but not limited to typing, copying, scanning, filing, Other duties may be assigned as necessary.

Job Qualifications: Must be reliable and have a schedule that will allow a total of 4 hours/week 8:30-2:00 (Flexible based on academic schedule)

Wage: $8.00 hr.

Supervisor: Dana Koos

Notes:  Students with Federal Work Study are eligible for this position


Facilities Management

Student Groundskeeper, 4 positions

Time Frame: Fall/Spring

Hours Per Week: Up to 20 hours

Purpose of Job: Assist the Grounds and Maintenance staff in maintaining the campus grounds.

Duties and Responsibilities: Weeding, watering, mowing, trimming, trash clean up, and moving services.

Job Qualifications: Applicants must be able to lift 50 lbs., be in good physical condition, enjoy working outdoors, and work in all weather conditions including cold and rain. You may be required to work events that may fall on weekends or evenings.

Wage: $11/hr

Supervisor:  Joel Leach,



Tech Assistant, 2 positions

Time Frame:  Fall 2022 / Spring 2023

Hours per week:  10 hours

Purpose of Job: Assist the Digital Media and Event specialist with set up, tear down, and troubleshooting of campus AV equipment.

Duties & Responsibilities: Set up and tear down of AV equipment for classrooms and event halls, working camera and sound equipment, misc.

Job Qualifications: Basic understanding of how AV equipment operates, including but not limited to TVs, projectors, sounds systems, cameras, livestream gear, wireless mics, etc.. Ability to lift and move heavy equipment. Preferred if available during evening and occasional weekend events.

Supervisor:  Paul Kurutsides, Digital and Media Specialist

Notes: Students with Federal Work Study are eligible for this position

If interested contact: Paul Kurutsides,