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Amanda Matson

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Office: 114 MJH 
Mail Stop: 1725 
Phone: 6790 


Degrees earned: Bachelor’s degree in mathematics and computer science from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minn. (2000). Doctorate degree in pure mathematics from North Dakota State University (2008).

Professional experience: Amandabegan teaching in classrooms in the summer of 2004. She has taught at North Dakota State University, University of Minnesota-Morris, and at Clarke. Outside of the classroom, Amanda regularly attends conferences (regional or national) and stays active in the mathematical community.

Teaching philosophy: In a nutshell, I wish to empower students through teaching. After taking a class from me, you should be able to ask refined and well-articulated questions and know that you can have fun while doing mathematics. I am continually exploring different methods by which I can make the material stay with students longer. If you play along with what I am asking you to do, you will benefit.

Clarke’s impact on Amanda: Clarke is a welcoming community. When I started at Clarke, Clarke became part of my extended family. My department is very supportive; we work amazingly well as a team. Clarke supported my husband and me so that we could participate in the Distinctively Dubuque program for newcomers to the area. In general, Clarke and Dubuque became home.  

Amanda’s impact on students: Hopefully, the students realize that I am there to help empower them. Students should also know that they can come to me with anything. I have had grieving students come to me in the past hoping for a distraction. I have had excited students come to me with news that they are getting married or are having a baby. It doesn’t have to be an academic reason to stop by my office; I care about students as whole people.

Amanda’s favorite:

Movie – I.Q.

Book – There are too many to have a favorite! At home we have enough books to fill a wing of a library. I generally like science fiction or a good mystery.

Quote – “Great works are performed, not by strength, but by perseverance.” Samuel Johnson

Class in college – Calculus 2

Place traveled – Florence (There is nothing like Italian gelato while in Italy!)

Hobby – Reading

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