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Sustainability at Clarke

At Clarke we see responsible stewardship of the earth and its resources as an integral part of its core values of freedom, education, charity and justice, as well as our Catholic identity. The Clarke community actively embraces new sustainable habits and helps contribute ideas for change.

Holiday Green Tip/

Holiday Green Tip


Incandescent -vs- LED Lights

If your old string of holiday lights is not working, consider replacing them with LED lights. Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) use a fraction of the energy that traditional incandescent light use...can burn up to approximately 20,000 hours...and do not generate the heat that incandescent lamps generate. Your natural Christmas tree will be "green" longer than if you use incandescent lights.



Garden News


Get Involved with your Food!

The Clarke Sustainability Committee is in the process of applying for a sustainability grant available from the City of Dubuque. The grant application focuses on continuing to improve our garden project. The proposal focuses on three components: bringing an intern on board to supervise the operation of the garden, planting produce that has a longer shelf life and therefore can be used throughout the fall and winter, and strengthening the ties between Clarke University and the Dubuque area Master Gardeners that were established this last year.




UpCycle Update

Clarke recently donated 175 unused student desks to the Dubuque Catholic School system.

Petal Project

Campus Sustainability Efforts.
We are 200 updated light fixtures from our goal of 75% of total fixtures using t-8, t-5, and LED technology thanks to opening the CSI We are 68 toilets away from meeting the water conservation criteria thanks to the upgrade of all MFH plumbing fixtures
A complete list of criteria for Petal certification can be found at




Student Spotlight

Katrina Moyna
Driftless Area Wetlands
Centre Director

Recent Clarke grad flexes her environmental muscles in Marquette, Iowa.
With exposure to contemporary topics related to both her Biology and Environmental studies while attending Clarke Moyna served as one of the leading voices of sustainability and environmental advocacy on campus. Congratulations Katrina, we are glad to see your IMPACT on the world.
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Next Issue

Clarke joins forces with the Dubuque Bike Coop...

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Joe Arms 
Major: Communications/ Minor: Writing
Resident: Dubuque,Iowa

Joe Arms - Spotlight

Joe's recent addition to the Sustainability Committee this year provides a welcome student perspective about environmental issues related to the Clarke campus. In an attempt to save money on gas, and make a positive difference on the environment, Joe sold his car to his brother earlier this year. He admits that the winter will provide its challenges and is going to be a bit scary due to the inadequate bike lanes from his home to campus. In fact, Joe describes the trek as a combination of sidewalk and roadway exchanges on his daily commute, avoiding both pedestrians and absent-minded drivers. While there is limited bike rack space available on campus Joe finds the ride rewarding. His parking spot is better than most on campus.

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