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2016-2017 Student Employment Positions

Please view employment positions and contact the supervisor(s) listed with the job(s) of interest.   





Wait Staff, 7 positions
Timeframe: Fall/Spring
Hours per week:  0-15

Purpose of Job / Duties & Responsibilities:
Help setup and serve events at Clarke University.

Job Qualifications:
Must be a timely and reliable worker.

Wage:  $8.00/hr.

Supervisor:  Mary Kay Hurm,, (563) 588-6490










Cook, 8-15 positions
Time frame:  Fall / Spring
Hours per week:  5-20

Purpose of Job:
Assist in Food Service preparation.

Duties & Responsibilities:
Cooking, Sanitation & Customer Service.

Wage:  $8.00/hr.

Supervisor:  Tricia DeLire,, (563) 588-6428

Student workers receive a free meal during their work shift.










Cafeteria Assistant, 12 positions
Timeframe:  Fall/Spring
Hours per week:  5-10

Purpose of Job:
To assist the Dining Services Department in serving our guests needs in the Dining Hall.

Duties & Responsibilities:
Serving on hot line, ware washing, and food preparation.

Job Qualifications:
Must be reliable and hard working.

Wage:  $8.00/hr.

Supervisor:  Steve Neese,, (563) 588-6328











Student Groundskeeper, 4 positions
Timeframe:  Fall/Spring
Hours per week:  10-19

Purpose of Job:
Student Groundskeeper - Assist the Grounds Maintenance staff in maintaining the campus grounds. 

Duties & Responsibilities:
Job duties will include - weeding, watering, push mowing, string line trimming, trash clean up, snow removal and more.

Job Qualifications:
Applicants must be able to lift 50lbs, be in good physical condition, enjoy working outdoors, and work in all weather conditions including cold and rain. You may be required to work events that may fall on weekends or evenings.

Wage:  $8.50/hr.

Supervisor:  Joel Leach,, (563) 588-6496








Computer Center Assistant, 1 position
Timeframe:  Fall/Spring
Hours per week:  19

Purpose of Job:
Assist Helpdesk and Computer Center staff daily with IT projects, while gaining experience in technology systems management.

Duties & Responsibilities:

-Help build and deploy new technologies across campus
-Provide Helpdesk coverage during staff absences 
-Assist campus users in person and over the phone with issues related to computer, network, or internet access.

Job Qualifications:
Basic knowledge of IT and computer operations - majoring in MIS or Computer Science is a plus.

Wage:  $7.25/hr.

Supervisor:  Danielle Stowell,, (563) 588-6301.








Baseball Statistician, 2 positions
Timeframe: Spring only
Hours per week: varies

Purpose of Job: 
Keep statistics for all home baseball games.

Duties & Responsibilities: 
Student will attend all home baseball games and enter statistics on laptop.

Job Qualifications: 
Knowledge of baseball scoring. Must be willing to work nights and weekends. Must be able to learn scoring software.

Wage: $7.25/hr.

Supervisor: Jerry Hanson,, (563) 588-6360 






Office Assistant:  1 position
Timeframe:  Spring semester
Hours per week:  flexible

Purpose of Job:
To assist the Transitions Coordinator with clerical and analytical duties.

Duties & Responsibilities:
* Occasionally serve as courier between transitions faculty
* Use a copy machine
* Other clerical tasks
* Maintain confidentiality with respect to student work
* Decipher student work looking for presence or absence of key aspects

Job Qualifications:
Be familiar with the Transitions critical thinking rubric

Wage:  $7.25/hr.

Supervisor:  Amanda Matson,, (563) 588-6790





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