Financial Aid


Cumulative Stafford Loan Limit Notification



You are nearing/have reached your Cumulative Loan Limits for the Federal Stafford Loan Program


As stated in your Master Promissory Note (a note that you completed before the first disbursement of your Stafford loans was made at Clarke University) for the Stafford loans, there are aggregate loan limits that each student is allowed to borrow throughout their entire collegiate enrollment. We have received notification stating that you are nearing or have reached your cumulative loan limit. 


For a description of the cumulative loan limits for dependent and independent undergraduates, and well as graduate and professional students, please see the table below.


Aggregate Limits



Subsidized Stafford Loan


(Subsidized and Unsubsidized)

Dependent Undergraduates



Independent Undergraduates



Graduate AND Professional Students





In order to find out how much you have borrowed in the Stafford loan program to date, please check the National Student Loan Data System at


Since we cannot award Stafford loans in an amount to exceed the cumulative loan total, the amount(s) that you have been awarded will reflect the latest cumulative Stafford loan data that we have received.

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