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Partnering with local business as One Clarke, One Community

By Clarke News  |  June 24, 2021

When Dubuque insurance agency Cottingham & Butler was looking for safe, reliable housing for summer interns from across the country, they knew they had a partner in Clarke University.  

Of the 31 interns Cottingham & Butler hired for the summer, roughly half are now enjoying their stay on the Clarke campus. “We usually house all interns as part of the program but due to COVID-19 this year we wanted to cut down numbers as much as possible, so we only housed non-local students,” said Jade Mart, Talent Acquisition Specialist for Cottingham & Butler. “Having a safe housing option for our interns that is in close proximity to our office gives us a lot of peace of mind and sets interns up for success so they aren’t worrying about finding a place to live for 10 weeks.”  

The interns work on projects that span the sales and client management side of the company, including Risk Management, SISCO, Benefits, and CBCS.  

The partnership was built on a longstanding relationship between Clarke and Cottingham & Butler. The insurance company employs dozens of Clarke alumni, and many employees – whether or not they are a Clarkie – work with interns, offer class visits, and other opportunities to support potential future employees and community members. 

Maddie Powers ’17 is a Human Resources Supervisor with Cottingham & Butler and has enjoyed supporting many partnerships between her employer and her alma mater over the years, such as job shadowing and class visits. She credits a class visit to Clarke for sparking her interest in the company and hopes to help others discover the same opportunities. 

Cottingham & Butler employees are very involved in the community. Between volunteering efforts, numerous charity campaigns, and the incredible people who take their own time to be involved, it has become a part of our culture,” Powers said. “As an employee and Clarke alumna, I have participated in some events for the business program, and I have given tours for classes. I am always happy to promote Clarke as I attribute a large portion of my success to the incredible people I met there.