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CIC Online Course Sharing Consortium

Advisor Resources

Advisors may find additional information about advising students on CIC course registration on the Advisor Manual course in Moodle.

Pre-Approved Online Classes

The CIC Online Course Sharing Consortium, a network of accredited colleges and universities that share online course offerings, provides Clarke University students with access to additional, flexible online course options to support students’ timely academic progress. Consortium courses offer students the opportunity to get ahead in coursework and/or repeat a course to improve their grade point average. Summer and winter courses offered through the consortium have been pre-approved by Clarke University for students and mapped to Clarke university course equivalents, which means that consortium courses may count toward major, COMPASS, or elective requirements. Course credits earned through the consortium will automatically show up on students’ Clarke transcript after completion of the consortium course. The varying sessions within multiple terms offered through the consortium reflect Clarke University’s commitment to ensuring students have access to the courses they need to complete their degree.  It is important to note that a consortium course will affect your grade-point average just like a Clarke University course.

Fall and spring courses through CIC have not been pre-approved by Clarke University. Students needing to take a CIC course in the fall or spring semester should review the information in the “Registration” section on this webpage for further information about how to obtain approval and register for a non-pre-approved CIC course.


Please note that undergraduate students taking online courses through the CIC consortium will be charged an additional fee, above and beyond the tuition charged for Full-Time, Part-Time, and Summer credits. This additional fee is the equivalent of the number of CIC course credits multiplied by Clarke’s per credit undergraduate summer rate.

For graduate students, this additional fee is the equivalent to the number of CIC course credits multiplied by Clarke’s per credit undergraduate summer rate. This fee is in addition to the per credit graduate rate.

Financial Aid

Students may use their current financial aid package to pay for  CIC courses.


To register for a pre-approved online summer or winter consortium course, students must click the link below, sign up for an account using their Clarke email, verify their student email, and request to register for pre-approved courses. Please note that all registrations are dependent on Clarke University approval on a student-by-student basis. You will be notified when your request to register for a CIC course is approved or denied. Please note that enrollment in a CIC course is counted toward the summer course requirements needed to stay in the residence halls during the summer.

Fall and spring courses through CIC have not been pre-approved by Clarke University. Students needing to take a CIC course in the fall or spring semester, or students who need to take a CIC course during summer or winter that is not on the pre-approved list, can email to request a list of non-pre-approved courses in a desired subject area(s) and work with their academic advisor and/or department chair to complete the Online Consortium Course Approval Form. The form should be turned in to the registrar’s office at least a week prior to the course start date to allow for processing time.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your CIC course or instructor, please contact or call (563) 588-6314.

Billing Deadline/Payment Plans

Clarke will bill you for the CIC course and the charge will show up on your billing statement in MyInfo. Payment for your CIC course is due on the first day of your CIC course. Students will be charged a late fee after their first day of their CIC course, or after the add/drop deadline for that term at Clarke if their tuition account is not paid in full or if there is not a payment plan set in place. If you would like to set up a payment plan to pay for your CIC course, please contact Student Accounts at or (563) 588-6699.


If you wish to drop or withdraw from a CIC course please email Clarke University at Do not contact the teaching institution directly.

Be advised that add/drop and withdrawal dates for CIC courses may differ from Clarke’s deadlines. Students will observe all regulations in effect at the host institution including, but not limited to, academic integrity policies, calendar deadlines and procedures for adding/dropping or withdrawing from classes. Withdrawing from a course after the host institution’s drop date deadline will result in a partial tuition charge. Please email for questions on the amount of the charge as it will vary by host institution.

Teaching Institutions process withdrawals in the same way they process grades. If a student withdraws from a CIC course, the teaching institution will send the “W” to Clarke to be recorded on the student’s Clarke transcript.

Disability Accommodations

If you are a student with a disability and wish to use accommodations for a CIC course, please contact Marianne Mauss, Clarke’s Director of Academic Resource and Disability Services, at She will facilitate the accommodations process with the teaching institution. Although the request can be made at any time, it is best to do so as soon as possible because it may take time to approve and implement the accommodation.