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Welcome back to Clarke University! Together, we will cultivate new ways of delivering the Clarke experience — supporting each other and our community. We stand as One Clarke, One Community.

Fall 2020 Return to Campus Information
COVID-19 Communication

Transfer Virtual CU Registration

Official Clarkie status complete!

We are excited you have decided to transfer to Clarke, and we welcome you to our campus community. Your registration appointment is the official start of your Clarke experience.

What to Expect during your CU Registration Appointment

  • You will meet 1 on 1 with an academic advisor who is also a faculty member in your intended major.
  • Your advisor will have a copy of your transcripts and Academic Credit Evaluation to help guide your registration conversation and aid in selecting courses that keep you on track for graduation.
  • These appointments typically last approximately 30 minutes, but we encourage you to set aside at least 45 minutes.

Submit your $200

confirmation deposit

Prior to the start of CU Registration

Prior to your advising appointment, please log into your Clarke email address. Your adviser will want to utilize your Clarke email for formal correspondence.  Please watch the video instructions for your initial login experience, as it walks you through the process the best.

Please make sure you fill out all the necessary forms below.

Connecting by Microsoft Teams

  1. You will receive an email with the link to your video calls with your Clarke Adviser on Microsoft Teams.
  2. On the date/time of your appointment, you will want to click the link.
  3. Options will be to download Microsoft Teams or use the web browser. Use the web browser.
  4. Give Microsoft Teams access to your computer’s microphone and camera.
  5. It will then ask you to enter your name. Please type your first and last name.
  6. This will alert the meeting organizer that you are waiting to join the meeting and will allow them to bring you into the video call.
  7. Enjoy your meeting!

After your virtual CU Registration, you are invited to review the online portions of transfer orientation. This will guide you through completing the final steps of becoming a Clarke student.

Congrats on officially becoming a Clarkie. If you have any questions regarding CU Registration or Online Transfer Orientation, please reach out to Admissions at 563-588-6316 or Julie Cirks, Director of Transfer Admissions at 563-451-2171.