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We continue to monitor and prepare for additional cases in Iowa and will adjust the university schedule or classes as needed. Please check our COVID-19 webpage for updates and other information.

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Thinking involves stepping out of your comfort zone to examine a situation from a different, perhaps unexpected, angle. You’ll learn to employ thinking skills informed by experience, knowledge, insight, and reflection. You’ll be able to assess information, a complex situation, or a specific subject, and come to an insightful conclusion. This skill is also highly desired in graduate school and the work world.

Examples of Thinking:

Completing courses such as:

  • Fundamentals of Philosophy course.
  • 200-level philosophy courses such as General Ethics, Applied ethics (including business, biomedical, and environment), Philosophy of Peace and War, and more.
  • Select divisional level courses such as General Chemistry, Intro to Film Studies, Introductory Psychology, and Western Civilization II.
  • All Capstone courses.