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Brewing Workshops

Better Beer With Science

Clarke University is now hosting brewing workshops to help home brewers take their beer to the next level! You’ll learn the science behind brewing as well as valuable tips and tricks to advance your brewing skills.

During the workshop, you will be trained on using a beer flavor map to establish a common language of beer descriptors. You will be introduced to at least twelve common off-flavors staggered over multiple sessions, learn to identify the steps in the brewing process where these may originate, and use The Defects Wheel® for Beer to discuss remedies. Please bring samples of your homebrews during the Thursday session to apply the principles you’ve learned during the workshop. We are tentatively scheduled to have a brewmaster present for this session.

Participants will take home The Defects Wheel® for Beer and a Clarke University drinking glass in addition to other giveaways. The workshop will be led by Clarke professors Dr. Sunil Malapati (Professor of Biochemistry and Food Chemistry) and Dr. Karen Glover (Professor of Organic Chemistry). It will be held in the Clarke University Food Science Labs.

Contact brewing@clarke.edu for more details.

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Better Beer with Science

Brewing Workshop

APRIL 1 & 4

Faculty, Staff, & Alumni
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Detecting and Correcting Off Flavors

April 1 & 4

6-9 p.m.
Cost: $150
Clarke University Food Science Laboratory

Are you a home brewer? Would you like to learn more about identifying off flavors in your batch and ways to fix this? Join us for the ‘Detecting and Correcting Off Flavors’ Brewing Workshop where you’ll learn valuable tips and tricks to take your home brewing to the next level.

Snacks will be provided. This workshop will be conducted in two sessions with the fee covering both sessions.

Pilsner provided by 7 Hills Brewing Co.