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Letter from the President

The Clarke University experience is about making an impact. Our treasured campus, outstanding programs and accessible faculty and staff empower students to take risks and accomplish the unimaginable.

We are in the final stages of the 2012-2017 Strategic Plan that seeks to advance Clarke University as “a vibrant, relevant and collaborative environment that creates career- and life-ready graduates.” Many great things are happening at Clarke as a result of the plan’s momentum. New campus facilities include the Center for Science Inquiry, Lingen Technology Commons, Compass Office and Gantz Athletic Practice Facility. All have been wonderful additions to Clarke’s learning environment. We have expanded our academic offerings to meet the needs of today’s workforce and now offer undergraduate degrees in food science and environmental studies, and graduate degrees in social work and organizational leadership.

We are an institution guided by steadfast principles. We understand the value of strong connections and we recognize that easy access to our educators is what sets us apart. Whether in the classroom or in the field, faculty and students engage each other in challenging and exciting learning opportunities that build skills, expand knowledge and widen perspectives.

Our graduates make an impact in their places of employment and the communities in which they live. They are leaders and contributors in companies large and small, health care agencies and schools near and far. Whether teaching in Spain, triaging in a busy ER, or winning international music composition competitions, Clarke grads leave an impression wherever they go.

I hope that as you explore our website and learn more about all Clarke University has to offer, you consider a visit. I am confident the moment you step on campus, you will feel the impact of Clarke.

Joanne M. Burrows, SC, Ph.D.

Fall 2016