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Ellen Gabrielleschi

Chair and Professor of Drama
Office: 203 EKH 
Mail Stop: 1732 
Phone: 6384 

Degrees Held

BA, Memphis State University
MFA, Ohio University

Ellen's Teaching Philosophy:
I believe that education is a journey that both student and instructor take together!  The real value of education is understanding the pure joy of learning and discovery as a life-long process.

Clarke's Impact on Ellen:
Clarke has provided me the opportunity to develop and grow in ways that I didn't even existed.  I will be ever grateful for the personal and educational dimensions!  I have made so many true friends and strong colleagues that are invaluable.

Ellen's Impact on Students:
I hope I have helped students discover their individual potential.  I believe each student has many gifts-some simply need the confidence to discover those gifts and the desire to pursue them.  I try to assist in this journey.

Why students should choose Clarke:
Students should choose Clarke if they are looking for a family environment, one in which the atmosphere is caring and supportive.  The faculty/staff are excellent in their areas of expertise and willing to help on many different levels-personally, educationally, professionally.  Clarke is a very special place...the bonds between people are strong and long-lasting.

Ellen's Extracurricular Activities:
I have varied interests outside my chosen field...a few include:  photography, film history, landscaping, gardening, and various animal charities.

What Ellen enjoys about Dubuque:
I love Dubuque!  I am from Memphis Tennessee, a big sprawling city with all of the problems associated with urban areas.  Dubuque has the charm of a smaller town but the vision of a larger metropolitan area.  It is the best of both worlds.

What Ellen enjoys about Clarke's campus:
Our campus is beautiful....we have many "green" spaces where students and faculty can go for an occasional outdoor class or walk.

Ellen's Favorites:
This list is far too great to choose just one.....I love good movies and good books.  The problem is finding the time to indulge in these activities!

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