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Diana Malone

Professor of Chemistry
Office: 230 G CBH 
Mail Stop: 1746 
Phone: 6334 


Degrees earned: Ph.D.

Professional experience: As an undergrad I worked for three years at the Department of Agriculture in Chicago. On my say I once held up a 10 box cars of Kraft cheese because of contamination. I also was involved in testing the food for astronauts. At that time the food was delivered in tubes. I was totally responsible for a dietary product that we sold to India to ensure it did not violate religious prescriptions. It was a great work experience.

Teaching philosophy: My goal is to instill a love of learning.

Diana’s favorite:

Book – I love mysteries and history, especially on World War II

Quote – Trust in God, believe in yourself, dare to dream. Robert Schuller

Place traveled – I have to Europe twice but my favorite travels have been in the U.S. The most memorable was my nine months in Boulder, Colo. Every trip, short or long was breathtaking.

Hobby – I like to walk in secluded places and take in nature. I love crossword puzzles.

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