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Karen Glover

Associate Professor of Chemistry
Office: 230 E CBH 
Mail Stop: 1556 
Phone: 8139 

Degrees Held

BA, Grinnell College
Ph.D., University of Michigan

Karen's Teaching Philosophy:
I use a “hands-on” method of teaching chemistry where students learn by doing. Building relationships with my students is also an important factor for this method of teaching.

Clarke's Impact on Karen:
I have met some unbelievably great students. I have been struck by the kindness and respect that they display to each other and to me.

Why Karen Chose Clarke:
My sister (Chemistry '89) encouraged me to apply.  By the start of second semester, Clarke felt like home to me.  My colleagues welcomed me as if I were part of their family.

What Karen enjoys about Dubuque:
People in this part of the country are incredibly friendly, hard-working and genuine.

What Karen enjoys about Clarke's campus:
Every time I leave the area, I am happy to come back to Dubuque.  Clarke's campus is a real gem -- It is beautiful in all seasons.

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