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Renee Pilcher

Assistant Professor of Nursing/Health
Office: 120A CBH 
Mail Stop: 1727 
Phone: 6427 


My teaching philosophy is grounded within my background in clinical practice and the concept of caring. I believe that the relationships we form are expressed through concern for the welfare of others. I believe that caring is expressed within a relationship of some form. I acknowledge that caring occurs in degrees of expression within a relationship and that caring can occur in a moment or throughout a lifetime. In my view, caring is a personal feeling rooted in concern for others and expressed in the relationship between persons or through the connections between humans and their environment i.e. concern for peace, concern for animals, environmental concern, etc. Caring can be expressed in language through words or expression, or through actions such as personal nursing care; caring can also be expressed through music, visual or written art forms, through gifts or through forms of acknowledgement paid to other humans. I believe that caring requires relevance or connection to that which is cared for at a deep personal level and that caring is influenced by ethical values and beliefs.


Master of Arts in Nursing Education
Clarke University
Bachelor of Arts in Nursing
University of Detroit-Mercy

Associates Degree in Nursing
Northeast Iowa Community College

Issues and trends, simulation, safety, skin care

AREA OF SPECIALTYMedical-surgical nursing, pediatrics
  • Holiday Giving
  • Dec-Jan CORE
  • TimeSaver - Transfer