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Serious Chemistry

What does a typical day look like for you?
I juggle a wide array of projects that present themselves, especially with the new science building and the start of the food chemistry major. I spend a lot of time in the chemistry labs prepping and cleaning, maintaining instrumentation, taking inventory, disposing of waste and managing a team of student employees. I also adjunct, so some of my day is spent in the classroom. 

Are you involved on campus in other ways besides your department?
I volunteer my time for many of Clarke’s outreach events such as STEM Day, Human Body Bee, Homecoming, View and IPCW.

Do you have professional involvements outside of Clarke?
I spent last summer doing analytical chemistry research at the University of Texas-Arlington. It was a great experience, and my results will be published. I plan to continue spending my summers doing similar professional development.

What is your favorite part of your job?
Definitely the interaction with the students! It’s the main reason I chose this career path.

What has been your greatest experience here at Clarke?
I would have to say the construction of and transition into the new science building. Such a large venture required considerable collaboration, ingenuity and determination. I am very proud of how the project turned out. 

Why did you choose Clarke?
As a Dubuque native and former Clarke student, Clarke has always felt like home to me, so I was definitely eager to come back. I was also very excited to be a part of the new science building project; it’s not often that you get the opportunity to set up an entirely new lab just the way you want. 

What is something that you enjoy about campus?
I really enjoy all the campus and community events that allow me to interact with people that I wouldn’t normally see in a regular day. I especially like the community outreach events with youth, such as STEM Day and Human Body Bee, because the students have so much energy and eagerness to learn.

 Anthony Breitbach

Anthony Breitbach
Chemistry Laboratory Manager, Adjunct Professor

Dubuque, Iowa


HOBBIES: Soccer, volleyball and fishing


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