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Leader of the Pack

How long have you been at Clarke?
I came to work at Clarke in July 2012 with the AmeriCorps Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA) program.

What is your favorite part of your job?
My favorite part about the AmeriCorps VISTA program at Clarke is inspiring the students to become leaders. It is truly rewarding to encourage students to reach their full potential. 

What does a typical day look like for you?
A typical day at Clarke for me usually involves sending emails, making phone calls, and doing outreach work in the community. The extra perks of the day are getting a few laughs in with my co-workers and the students; these never get old.

How has your job or Clarke changed over the years?
My first year at Clarke was also the first year that the AmeriCorps VISTA program was established on campus. The VISTA program required that my co-workers and I adjust to a new way of identifying campus and community needs. Initially, VISTA work was challenging but the VISTA program is now firmly rooted in Clarke and gearing-up for another three-year cycle.

What hasn’t changed about Clarke?
The people at Clarke never really change. Clarke never fails to hire and/or retain positive workers and students.

What was the craziest thing you’ve witnessed while at Clarke?
The craziest things that I have witnessed while at Clarke are the students versus faculty/staff kickball games during homecoming week. The kickball games can get pretty intense with falls, scrapes and bruises. I have participated in two kickball games and I’m very happy to say that I contributed toward winning one. So much fun!

What is something that you will always remember about Clarke?
I will always remember that Clarke is the first place where I started my professional life after college. Coming to Clarke was the best choice I’ve made in the “real world” thus far. I’ll never forget Clarke and I’m grateful for the opportunity.

What do you like to do outside of work?
Outside of work I like to take a lot of me-time to refocus my energy and thoughts. I like to read, go to the movies, and volunteer at the homeless shelter. Other fun things to do outside of work are game nights and dinner with friends.

When you aren’t in your office, where is your favorite spot to be on campus and why?
When I’m not in my office, I love to be in the Student Activity Center (SAC). The SAC is a place to connect with students and co-workers over food and lots of laughter.

What is your favorite time of the school year and why?
My favorite time of the school year is at the very beginning. The beginning of the school year is where you get to meet new students and staff gets to participate in campus move-in day. It is energizing to see new faces and old ones return at the beginning of each year.

What would you tell a potential student about Clarke?
I would tell a potential student that Clarke is the place to be. Why not engage in fun on your way toward obtaining a degree from an awesome institution? Clarke is it!



Nia Wilson

Gary, Indiana

QUOTE: "I love connecting with Clarke students and staff."

HOBBY: Reading and volunteering

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