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Professor with Faith

What is your teaching philosophy?
The mission of Clarke has shaped my teaching philosophy. I am committed to facilitating student engagement with the central questions of meaning, value and faith in dialog with the Catholic tradition in the context of academically challenging content and in a way that assists students in clarification of their own spirituality.

How are you involved on campus besides teaching?
I serve on the Catholic Identity Committee and participate regularly in the prayer gathering three days a week in the chapel.

What is your professional involvement outside of Clarke?
Over the years as I have struggled to balance both my call to academic life with a pull towards service in more impoverished areas. My practice of returning to serve, study and nurture friendships in the places that have changed me - the inner city of Chicago, Kumasi and especially Quito - I count as my most important professional involvement since these continue to shape me as both a theologian and teacher.

What is the most interesting class you teach at Clarke?
Multicultural Faces of Jesus since it is the course that most reflects my experience and study in diverse communities in United States and beyond.

What has been your greatest experience here at Clarke?
I have really enjoyed some of the speakers we have brought to campus in the Mackin-Mailander lectures. I especially remember the ethnobiologist Mark J. Plotkin who wrote The Shaman's Apprentice. The lectures are good examples of how learning occurs across the disciplines at Clarke—for students and professors.

Why did you choose Clarke?
Clarke has at its heart the values of the BVM mission. Here I am conscious that I am standing in a long line of women who I call "sister." I try to be worthy of their vision, creativity, commitment, and faith.

What is something that you enjoy about the campus?
We have such wonderful students! Our sense of community is very real and our greatest strength.

What should incoming students know about your department/classes?
Many students are hesitant about taking religious studies courses but in my experience most students come to appreciate the space to engage in the great questions at the heart of religion and spirituality. It is an adventure in the human experience.

 Paulette Skiba, BVM

Paulette Skiba, BVM
Professor and chair of Religious Studies Department 

Of Gods and Men

QUOTE: "Those who have loved the poor in life need not fear death"
-St. Vincent DePaul

HOBBIES: Reading and gardening

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