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Writing Wiz

Why did you choose Clarke?
I visited and fell in love with the drama department. I got to hang out with the students the night of one of the shows, and I had this really great feeling about Clarke. The professors were also really attentive and knowledgeable.

Do you play a sport or do you support Crusader athletics?
What makes it fun?
I run track and cross country.

Of the other activities you are involved with, how have they added to your college experience?
I love being a part of the drama department. I have had so many great experiences and opportunities. We have participated in the American College Theatre Festival the three years that I have been a student here, and two of the years we have had a show chosen to participate. Outside of just my work with drama there are also a lot of other great arts opportunities at Clarke.

Did you receive financial aid? If so, how did it help you?
Yes. I have scholarships for a number of different activities that I am involved in. If you look hard enough there is usually some way that Clarke can make school affordable.

What do you enjoy about campus?
I am not a morning person, so having a five minute walk between my dorm and class is awesome. I will have lived on campus all four years by the time I graduate.  The sense of community is great; I have always been able to find something to do while I have been here.

What do you like about Dubuque?
Dubuque is basically a big small town. It has a lot of the amenities of a city, but it has the community feeling of a town. Clarke is centrally located so it is a short drive to the shops, restaurants and attractions both downtown and on the western side of the city.

Do any faculty/staff members stand out? If so, why?
I have so many great professors for both of my majors. They have all really affected my education and I know that I have really improved because of them. One of the professors that I have done a lot with this year is Anna Kelley. Anna is the writing professor and she has been a huge factor in my growth as a writer and a student this year. She is the driving force behind Clarke’s literary magazine, The Tenth Muse, which gives a lot of Clarke students a chance to be published. She also helped me self publish a chapbook of poetry which I was able to present at the Streamlines writing conference.

So far, what has been your most memorable Clarke experience?
I think that my experiences at the American College Theatre Festival both in 2012 and 2013 will be some of the most memorable times from my college experience. Our small department really stood out at these festivals, and being able to be a part of the wonderful productions, both behind the scenes and on stage was a really cool feeling.

If you had the chance to tell a prospective student one GREAT thing about Clarke, what would it be?
Clarke is definitely small, but you would be amazed at the amount of successful graduates that come out of this place. You meet Clarke grads around Dubuque, around Iowa, and even around the country. When you come to Clarke you don’t only get all of the wonderful support from your professors and fellow students, you also become connected to this network of talented and influential alumni, which may end up being the key to your own success.

Carrie P

Carrie Pieper

YEAR: Senior

MAJOR: Drama and English

Adel, Iowa

CLARKE ACTIVITIES: Drama,Cross Country, Track, Tenth Muse Staff


HOBBIES: Using my stage makeup to do gore makeup in my spare time, knitting

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