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A Team Player

Why did you choose Clarke?
I chose Clarke because I was looking for a four year university where I could play baseball and get a quality education. Because it's a small school, there is more focus on the students. Clarke has a friendly feel to it, and that made it a good fit for me.

Do you play a sport or do you support Crusader athletics?
Playing baseball at Clarke is awesome because of the group of guys on the team; they are fun to be around. Our coaching staff works hard to make us a solid team.

Why do you participate in athletics? 
My activities at Clarke have allowed me to play the sport I love and travel around to areas of the counrty I wouldn't have seen otherwise. They have also helped me focus on school and make strides to get better grades.

What do you enjoy about campus?
I enjoy the small classroom sizes and how quick and easy it is to get around the school.

What do you like about Dubuque?
It offers all sorts of things to do and it's close to bigger cities like Chicago. It has nice natural scenery, and I like being close to the Mississippi River. All the hills are very unique; you don't see them around many other cities.

Do any faculty/staff members stand out?
My advisor, Michael Hyland, and my head coach, Dan Spain. They both have helped me in many different ways. I have had Michael for many different classes and he has helped me set up schedules that work well with the baseball season. He also helped me land a great internship. Coach Dan has put in a lot of hours to help me grow as a player.

So far, what has been your most memorable Clarke experience?
Clarke gave me an opportunity to combine two things I really enjoy: playing baseball and traveling around the country.

If you had the chance to tell a prospective student one GREAT thing about Clarke, what would it be?
Clarke has a family feel that makes it easy to transition into college.

Ethan Jelinek

Ethan Jelinek

YEAR: Junior

MAJOR: Sports Management

HOMETOWN: Mead, Colorado


Training Day

HOBBIES:  Watching and playing sports of all kinds

  • Support Clarke - Spring
  • Arts at Clarke 2016
  • Transfer Fall 2015