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Art Extraordinaire

What is your teaching philosophy?
I try to keep an environment where students feel comfortable to approach me and they have no doubt that I respect them. As an art teacher, I have to create this trusting environment so students feel free to express themselves creatively.

What is your professional involvement outside of Clarke?
I am a photo realistic painter and I do mostly oil painting. I have a studio at home, and I submit my work to galleries and studios in different areas. I am involved in the annual art tour "Fall into Art" here in Dubuque. I'm also on the Nash Gallery Committee, which is a place for developing artists to get their work seen and exposed in the community.

What is the most interesting class you teach at Clarke?
I think most students like the life drawing class because we draw a lot of different types of subjects from life. We will go down to the cadaver lab and draw from the cadavers. Sometimes we go to a nursing home and draw the residents, and on a nice sunny day, you’ll see us drawing outside with a model in the middle.

What has been your greatest experience here at Clarke?
It's great to watch a student go through classes and college life and develop into who they are going to be as an adult. I watch them come in as timid freshman, and by graduation, they've changed into accomplished adults. Just seeing that transition is really cool.

Why did you choose Clarke?
I loved Clarke as a student, and after graduation, I knew I wanted to teach at a small university like Clarke. I didn't think it would end up being Clarke, but then an art faculty opportunity opened up right after I received my MFA. It's like it was meant to be!

What is something that you enjoy about the campus?
I love that there's an art gallery right inside Clarke's main entrance!

 Jessie Rebik

Jessie Rebik
Assistant Professor of Art 

Garden State

QUOTE: "I thank you God for this most amazing day."
-E.E. Cummings Poem

HOBBY: Gardening
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