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All the World's a Stage

What activities are you involved in at Clarke?
I sing in the full collegiate choir, as well as the chamber choir, and I participate in the drama productions. I work in the costume shop, which is my work study job right now. I am the head seamstress, which means I get to teach others how to sew and make patterns.

What do you like about the Drama Department at Clarke?
Being a part of the Clarke Drama Department, I get to do it all! I get to act, be a stage manager, run lights and work with costumes. It makes you very versatile and allows you to gain experience in all those different areas, which will be helpful if you are pursuing a career in theater.

Why Clarke?
At a big university, I wouldn't get to be onstage my freshman year, whereas at a smaller school like Clarke, I was able to come in and start acting and being onstage right away.

What do you like about Clarke's campus?
You don't have to walk for days to get where you are going. Ha ha!

What do you like about Dubuque?
Dubuque has a great arts culture. There are always theater productions going on, which I can audition for. Performing at that level is great experience and a good way to make connections. There are so many talented and intelligent people here to network with.

What faculty or staff has impacted you?
Sr. Carol Blitgen is an art genius. Not only can she direct a person on how to move, create pictures and emotion on the stage, but she taught me how to really read plays and how important understanding the literature is.

What is your greatest Clarke experience?
One of my proudest moments was being the stage manager of our award-winning production of the "Caretaker," and taking it to the American College Theater Festival. It was a lot of hard work, but it paid off!

If you had to do it all over again, would you choose Clarke?
Yes, absolutely. I was shocked at how much I grew here at Clarke. I was able to find my voice.

Rebecca Brosnan

Rebecca Brosnan

YEAR: Senior

MAJOR: Musical Theater with a minor in Philosophy

Algona, Iowa

HOBBIES: Writing poetry and lyrics

FAVORITE AUTHORS: Neil Simon and Tennessee Williams

FAVORITE MOVIE: O'Brother Where Art Thou

FUN FACT:  I was adopted and so were three of my siblings.

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