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Empowering through Faith

How has Clarke impacted you?
Clarke has been my second home ever since I became a student in 1983. I chose Clarke for my undergraduate education because of the presence of BVM sisters who had taught me in high school. In some ways, I chose Clarke as a place for ministry for the same reason, now a BVM sister; I was looking to put my ministerial gifts to use at a BVM ministry.

What do you enjoy about the campus?
I enjoy the small, community atmosphere of the campus. I am energized by being a part of an institution that is growing while maintaining a firm foundation in its core values.

What has been your greatest Clarke experience?
My favorite experience that happens each semester is Antioch retreat. As participants witness, converse, pray and celebrate sacraments together, the retreat is both an articulation of Christianity and an experience of it. Over the course of the weekend, participants come to a better understanding of what it means for a college student to be a disciple of Jesus in today's world. I'm continuously moved by the depth of students' faith and the skill with which they navigate life's challenges.

What makes Clarke different?
At Clarke, students will receive an outstanding education in an environment which is invested in their personal success—not just academically, but for the whole person. They will be challenged and positively influenced to become their best selves.


Amy Golm

Amy Golm
Director of Campus Ministry


MOTTO: "So many books, so little time."

FUN FACT:  She is the youngest member of the BVM congregation in the U.S.

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