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A lot of students say you are THEE reason they chose Clarke. How do you handle the popularity?
The term "student" is too rigid to define a participant in a learning experience. In a caring environment like Clarke, we are family who exchanges knowledge, care, and supreme values. My relationship with my students start when I meet them first, but never ends--I am always there for them as students and as graduates, as well.

What is your favorite classroom memory?
When one of my students told me that there was a fan club for me on Facebook! That was several years ago in the early times of Facebook when accessing certain information on Facebook was not as easy! Well, she showed me the comments which were funny and encouraging.

What is your favorite class to teach?
A hands-on style teaching is my favorite. Field Digital Photography is an interactive class where we take photos on-location of local scenic landscapes. We even take a trip to Madison, WI, to capture its beauty. That class became so popular, people from different states asked if they can enroll in it. Many of the students who took it chose photography as their career.

How does the Communication Department prepare students for future careers?
Our department is highly involved with the industry as most of students' projects are based on actual clients in the business world. Encouraging our students to do internships has resulted in full time job offers to the interns. Our records demonstrate very high placement rates with outstanding satisfaction rate among employers.

What is your biggest achievement at Clarke?
My biggest achievement is a story of salvation where a C and F student became an A student. I had to petition administration to keep that student for one more semester because I could see the potential in that person. Since that probational semester, the student never scored below a B. This is an achievement, however; it is his- not mine! I am happy that I could help a challenged student realize their potential and achieve their higher end goals.

 Abdul Sinno

Abdul Sinno, Ph.D
Chair and Professor of 

Abdul has authored three published books and is a keynote speaker.

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