Help Desk: Miscellaneous

Where can I access e-mail and the Internet?

  • 24-hour labs in each dorm buildings (Mary Jo Hall, Mary Ben Hall, Mary Francis Hall, Apartments)
  • Residence halls are all wired for Internet access via the campus network. The halls are also wireless. One port will be active in each residence hall. If there is a need for both ports in the rooms to be active, contact the helpdesk at ext. 6390
  • Student areas in the Student Activity Center, CBH lounge, and wireless in the Kehl Center and the Lion's Den
  • Student labs in Keller Computer Center and Upper Level Library.
  • Departmental labs:
    CBH - Foreign Language Lab, Chemistry Lab, PT lab, Communications Lab, Education Lab, and Nursing Lab
    EKH - Graphic Design Lab and Drama Lab
    ATRIUM - Music Lab

Where is there wireless access?

Clarke is wireless campus-wide. The Clarke network can be accessed by any computer with a wireless network card throughout campus.

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