Into The Streets

Fall 2014 Into the Streets will be held on Saturday, September 20, 2014.

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Since 1999, Clarke University has participated in "Into the Streets," a semi-annual service day in the Dubuque community. Volunteers will do everything from visiting with residents to cleaning, painting, and yard work. The experience is a memorable one for participants and integral to the university mission. Click here to view photos.

Spring 2014 ITS

Past Participating Agencies

Assisi Village at Stonehill Care Center
Bethany Home Retirement Center
Camp Albrecht Acres
Carnegie Stout Public Library
Clare House at Mt. St. Francis
Dubuque Arboretum and Botanical Gardens
Dubuque County Right to Life, Inc.
Dubuque Park and Recreation
Ennoble Manor
Finley Hospital Cancer Park
Four Mounds Foundation
Hill and Dales Residential Center
Hope House Catholic Worker
Hospice of Dubuque
Julien Care Center
Knights of Columbus #510
Linwood Cemetery-Mueller Memorial Chapel
Luther Manor
March of Dimes
Mercy Medical Center
National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium
Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey
Presentation Lantern Center
The Rose of Dubuque
Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters
Sisters of the Presentation
St. John's Open Closet
St. Vincent de Paul
Sunnycrest Manor
Swiss Valley Nature Center
Tri State Blind Society

Student Service Reflections

  • There is a need for volunteers in the community, even to help out with very simple things, such as socializing with the elderly.
  • I learned that there are so many people just in Dubuque who use their service. I was amazed at how much time goes into creating the atmosphere at the Open Closet for the needs of the community.
  • I learned how to trim rose bushes! I also learned how much hard work is involved in keeping a place like this looking beautiful. It felt good to be able to help the people who do this all the time.
  • I learned how to play euchre and I had a great time meeting new people. I again realized the importance to give back.
  • I learned that every little thing is truly appreciated! Even though we may not have thought that what we did was very important, it meant everything in the world to the people in the assisted living home.
  • Aside from getting a few scars from the thorns of the roses, I realized that there are people in poorer countries who must work with plants for their livelihood, for a longer period of time and without the promise of free food. It just made me more humble.
  • I learned that the people of the park and city recs really spend a lot of time in making the community bright and cheerful. They spend their days outside giving it their all, no matter how much pain they may be caused, or how much time they spend doing these activities. It was clear to see that the people within the park and rec services really take pride in their jobs, and appreciate the help that is offered to them.
  • I learned that even though it sounds like a lot of work, if we all work together it really is not a lot of work.
  • Small deeds can change a person's life. I learned that little things you do for others are greatly appreciated.
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